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    D3 tennis

    I was at their match with Memphis. Wash U is an excellent team and is my pick too. Any team better will be a shocker to me.
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    ohio state recruiting

    Right on about in state players. I know of a surprising number of coaches at public universities with strong tennis programs that are happy to take on the right in state players. Often those coaches at the non-Power5 schools have a challenge getting in state Blue Chip and 5 star kids to notice...
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    Coaching Carousal

    Would you agree this was an unusually down year for them? I can see them quickly and significantly improving this next year.
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    ACC tennis

    It's not that bad anymore. The only way a D1 tennis athlete can be that old and on a roster is to have not competed officially in clubs, leagues or tournaments anywhere after graduating HS. I may be off some on the rule, but the Bar guy has to be super rare nowadays to be that old and on a D1...
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    ohio state recruiting

    Pretty hard to get noticed unless you've been going deep in national and ITF tournaments. If you're young (guessing you might be) and have a few years before graduating H.S. I'd suggest making a video, putting together a tennis resume and emailing Coach Tucker expressing your interest. Having...
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    The Pacific 10 Alliance!

    If you're not good enough to win your region, no draw is going to be good enough. If you want to brag on making the round of 16 then losing, then I kinda maybe see your point.
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    improving utr for d1 college tennis - possible?

    Couldn't have said it better. What's needed is focusing on playing and practicing more with purpose, finding ways to get better, playing as many matches and tournaments as your can, learning from your wins and losses, placing an emphasis on daily effort, good attitude, etc. There's good books to...
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    Best D1 College Coaches for Player Development?

    Or do like Cam Norrie did at TCU and go for a year or two. Tennys Sandgren and Rhyne Williams did pretty much the same thing at UTK.
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    absolute shocker-Big10 only gets one host site as well as PaC-12

    Good points with the UTR. Certainly better than the NCAA rankings. What would be interesting to see is Ole Miss's UTR trend during the course of this season. They seem to have been getting better since the start. At least it appears that way from their results.
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    Stanford Men

    Livestream when available. Livesteam, livestream, livestream...................
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    TCU tennis

    Guessing since he's a senior he may have an extra Covid year of eligibility. Watched him lose to Nikola Slavic Ole Miss 11-9 in a 3rd set breaker. Did not see any behavior issues that match.
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    Big 10 Tennis

    Strange story for sure. With out knowing any details, my guess is they signed a document from the university when they made their donation and did not read the fine print. Just a guess, will have to see when more details come out.
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    TCU tennis

    People (kids) make mistakes. Depends on the severity of the act. Did he cough a lugi on the frat guy and was it hanging from his eyelash, or did he merely spit in his direction and some spray get on the victims pinky fingernail? Given he's not a pro and the small number of matches college...
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    Big 10 Tennis

    I played back in the stone age myself. I recall Michigan, Minnesota and Northwestern being all pretty good. Michigan, Minnesota a little more so, NW because Todd Martin when there. Going off memory so old timers may apply.
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    TCU tennis

    The Big12 suspended him for the next two matches. What are you looking for from Roditi and the AD, a red letter A tattoo on his head and to be publicly pilloried?