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    More and more college teams include Futures and Challengers on their season schedules

    Many D1 programs schedule ITF's in the fall. Most schools you'll see listing the events on their schedule are typically ranked. Programs that offer this provide the option for their players that want the pro experience or even have desires of trying to make it on the tour. I know a coach that...
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    college life in Oxford & Starkville for athletes

    Both towns are rural in nature, Starkville more so than Oxford. Most of the tennis players I know that played at both places loved it. Don't know much about MSU WT. Mark Byers has been at Ole Miss WT sometime now, maybe 20 years. Seems like a nice guy and has run a successful women's program...
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    Re: the ‘junior and college tennis a waste of time and money’ thread

    I think you may be a little overly wound tight about what you want versus what the kids wants. While school is more important than tennis, if you're trying to steer him into a field you want versus what his aptitudes and desires are, someone is going to be disappointed. Probably the kid. My...
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Why does Rubin play with that chick stick?
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    Tennis Academies / Camps

    Newks is a solid recommendation. Some can report mixed reviews. Of the numerous players who have attended that I know, all have reported positive experiences.
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    Who are the D1 college coaches who have been at the same college 20+ years (can include years as asst coach)?

    I'm sure there are some, but I can't name any at the moment. In recent years I know of numerous coaches that were at their institution more than 20 years that recently were forced to retire. I'll leave them unnamed. The rational was to replace them even though they remained successful because of...
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    Who are candidates for the Louisville position?

    Yes. Tell the AD you will handle players with kid gloves and have a chaperone with you at all times. That will get you the job for sure.
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    Who are candidates for the Louisville position?

    He wasn't fired for reasons related to Right to Work. Read the article. When you figure out what reported allegations are NCAA violations let me know. It's not that difficult. Are you as much a jerk in person as you are on this forum? Or is it simply it English is not your first language or just...
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    Who are candidates for the Louisville position?

    You're assuming in the face of what information we know and comparing apples and oranges. If there is an NCAA infraction or one pending it would be public knowledge.
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    5 things I learned watching ATP pros today

    Studies show winners and unforced errors represent about 70% of total points. 30% forced errors is not that much.
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    Who are candidates for the Louisville position?

    Sure. But if any of what is reported is true why are their no infractions NCAA or criminal and why would you let someone go under the circumstances reported with pay? In this case paying out the remainder of his contract? With the details regarding his release as they are reported today, I stand...
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    5 things I learned watching ATP pros today

    I counter with the following. Pros finish their shots before recovery, just recover instantly after finishing the shot. Recovering before finishing leads to mishits. Pros hit every shot harder than a 3.5 given the opportunity for both to hit the same ball in the same situation. The reason they...
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    Who are candidates for the Louisville position?

    The way press release reads they have made it look he was an old school coach with some social issues. Still no NCAA sanctions and relieving him of duty with pay says something about the lack of depth to the investigation. The lawyer mentioned as being a cartoonist is either simply a trivial...
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    Foreign Players

    I was there Wednesday night, another decent crowd given it’s a Futures and off the main path down in Southaven. They set a large open tent with a stage full of chairs, also tent covered bleaches on each side. Mostly full. Nice venue though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Who are candidates for the Louisville position?

    Reading the report I get the feeling he may be getting railroaded by the AD. They are going to pay out is contract, no NCAA sanctions, strange. Just my opinion.