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    Lead Tape

    I thought you would say: most people who came in contact with a lead bullet suffered severe consequences for their health. :)
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    Lead Tape

    I did not say it cannot be used. I said, one should be aware of risks. There are safety precautions which one can take to minimize the risks while handling lead. At the very least, wash hands very carefully after working with lead tape.
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    Lead Tape

    Please do not mislead people. 25 years ago both lead and asbestos were considered fine. Smoking was OK, too, and it was not even considered a cancer hazard by most doctors. Nothing was wrong about pesticides. Things have changed from 50 years ago, 25 years ago, and from 10 years ago. There is a...
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    Storage for Wilson Baiardo Stringing machine

    Love it! Class 100 clean room would be perfect! Actually, the manual says that it should be used indoors within the temperature range from 10 to 40 C (50 to 104 F). In the state of New York, where...
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    Storage for Wilson Baiardo Stringing machine

    What is your estimated ROI? How many years you would need to slave stringing racquets to cover the cost of both, the new machine and the shed, with all that isolation and heating that you would need to install there? I hear that prices for everything tennis in the New York area are like on a...
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    is luxilon alu power price justifiable?

    Well, I did not mean the cheaper strings - outliers on the low end of the price range usually confirm that wisdom "you get what you paid for" :) One can expect differences when comparing $3 strings with $18 strings.... My point was about differences in the range between $12 and $20....
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    is luxilon alu power price justifiable?

    Here in the US, Luxilon Alu Power retails for about $18 per set. This falls at around 30% to 40% of the price range from min for synthetic gut (around $4) to max for natural gut (up to about $45), and more or less aligned with the pricing of multifilament strings. It may be on a slightly high...
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    Gamma X-ELS Review With Pictures and Details

    I only string natural gut or natural gut based hybrids, only proportionally per Sergetti, and only for myself, my son (when he is lazy to do it himself), and for a couple of friends. I do not bother timing myself and I like to not rush with gut and with proportional stringing. Natural gut likes...
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    Gamma ATS ERT 300 Tenniscomputer

    Good question... Send them an e-mail [] and ask why it is out of stock everywhere and what is the outlook (and share with us, please). This device is made by Beers Technic, a company located in Switzerland. The title of this thread is misleading, it may have been marketed...
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    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    Thank you so much for sharing your impressions! It was super interesting to read. The most valuable of all (for me) were your thoughts (impressions) on what distinguishes a pro tournament level stringer from just a stinger. Apparently, it is not just speed. It is stress resistance, time...
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    Thinking of purchasing machine - opinion on particular brand

    It is, basically, a free machine, compared to pricing of new machines with similar capabilities. If you do not have to pay for shipping, and it works, why not take it?
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    What is the status of 3-d printed grommets

    If you like your racquet or have multiple racquets of the same make and model, you can always stock on replacement grommets when they are available. They are typically between $4 and $12 or so for a set for a racquet. They become a problem only when a racquet has been out of production for a few...
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    mark balls...quickest, most permanent way

    I guess ball preferences depend on one's skills level. I, personally, fit best into what is called "general population who are somewhat familiar with tennis" as I started a little too late in my life path. I can tell a difference between a dead Penn ball and a new Penn ball, but I doubt I would...
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    mark balls...quickest, most permanent way

    I buy cheap Penns at Costco for my ball machine and never have an issue because if someone picks a couple of my balls, who cares, they are cheap and disposable. And if they cannot tell their ball from my balls, if they do not buy good balls which are different, or do not bother to search for...
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    Wilson Clash 100

    You've been given a frame but have not seen it yet? :) Wilson Clash 100 Tension 47-57 Pattern 16×19 Start M's T Mains Skip 7T,9T & 7H,9H Len 2pc 20x19 Tie off M's 8T Start 2pc 7H Last 2pc 7T Tie 2pc 8H, 6T