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    why are ball machines more expensive than an eye phone

    I would turn your question around. The cost of components of iPhone X is estimated at $357.50. Apple has lost its leadership position in technology and design to Samsung who designs better hardware and has the whole process from design to manufacturing in-house, even though iOS and apps are...
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    Meet the man who strings Roger Federer's tennis rackets

    Yes, and it is of great benefit for everyone here to read Ron's comments in those fairly rare occasions when he contributes on this forum and shares his experience. It is not easy to string for the top players, I hope Ron finds this experience rewarding. While his contribution is not very...
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    Travelling outside US, any troubles watching ESPN?

    FstForwardUP, You did not say where you travel. In Europe (I am careful to not overgeneralize as my experience is somewhat limited), most channels including sports channels which show events like US Open are usually free, no special cable service or subscription is required. In the US...
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    Looking for Advice: Stringer <$1000

    Rabbit, thank you so much for your input. This is what I've been trying to understand but had hard times finding evidence - how much value there is in a 6 point mount compared to 2-point mount, how much it actually adds by way of preserving shape of the frame under unbalanced stress. Could you...
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    Looking for Advice: Stringer <$1000

    So many people want it... I must admit, I saw it, never had an opportunity to use it. I am trying to understand why it is so attractive, on a relative scale. From what I gathered, Positives: 1. Relatively reasonable price, especially if refurbished. 2. Built like a tank, great for sweatshops...
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    Looking for Advice: Stringer <$1000

    This is how budgets go down the drain... I hope you will like your new system!
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    International shipping fees ? Why so all over the place ?

    Shipping rates depend on the carrier and shipping option (fast shipping with tracking can be quite a bit more expensive than sea freight without tracking) and also on country from which it is shipped. For example, shipments from Europe to the US generally end up being 3-10 times cheaper than...
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    Looking for Advice: Stringer <$1000

    AZJ1973 Just curious: you set your initial price target at $1000. Have you been able to meet this target with the used Neos + Wise?
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    Wilson Ultra XP 125 stringing instructions

    Sorry about changing the subject slightly. Wilson's PDF files with their stringing guidelines are available to anyone who has a link to the PDF file, but how does one find these links? Is there a page where all these links are listed? I could not readily find those links on Wilson web site.
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    Did the 'Like' Button disappear from posts?

    I propose THANK YOU button instead of Like button. We are not another Facebook here.
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    Tennis Tutor ProLite Basic Battery charger

    Regarding where to buy a replacement battery, my experience has been that before ordering from a third party site, one should better have a very clear understanding of parameters of the battery which is being replaced: capacity, dimensions, and type of terminals (connectors). I checked out...
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    Where to start trying new strings?

    I've been through this. My experience and my BKM (Best Known Method) was as follows. You need several identical frames (ideally, 4 or 5) and a ball machine. Pick strings which interest you (for whatever reason), install them, and hit with them with the ball machine, using the same settings, and...
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    Who should bring balls?

    Oh boy... My life is clearly going downhill. No premium balls, no 5 matched sticks, and even the bench from my favorite local public court got stolen recently.
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    Who should bring balls?

    I wish the opposite was true. I would not mind paying extra $3 per can, if this would raise my game a level up. Alas, this is not gonna happen.
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    Costco Penn balls - bad batch?

    Return them back to Costco. You can order a replacement online if your local warehouse no longer has them. As a thought, even a good batch of balls can bounce poorly if the balls were stored in a cold...