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    Racket hard to get off machine after stringing

    This could suggest a significant frame deformation after stringing. One of possible causes that come to mind, aside for some sort of defect of the frame, is stress from the mains and the crosses which is not balanced well. Do you see this issue only with a single frame? What tension do you put...
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    I think someone messed up my strings?

    What is the benefit of stringing 1 piece? I always prefer 2 pieces, what am I missing?
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    Adding 10% of the mains tension for crosses?

    It seems that the most common string pattern in badminton racquets is 22x22. Equal number of strings on mains and crosses. In tennis, we always have 2 to 3 strings more on the crosses than on the mains. I think this explains why they recommend 10% more on the crosses, but we do not do it in...
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    17-minute serve lesson by Serena

    It is a part of Masterclass series. Her whole class is 2 hours long. This clip is a short segment from it. As it frequently happens, a master and expert in tennis is not equivalent to a great tennis coach. Her tips are very basic, and in the long run, you learn more about Serena and what she...
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    How long do you wait before you get rid of (missing) customers' racquets?

    Strawbewwy, quit stringing for others and string only for yourself or perhaps for close friends. Stringers are a lower form of life for some players, a form of life which is worth exactly as much as they are paying for a stringing job.
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    I think I need a new smart phone ??

    Which reportedly may heat up your skin with radiation as they work in the frequency range of the radars. Prepare to wear lead underwear and endless battles with cancer. I refuse to even consider a 5G phone. P.S. I have a PhD in physics, my major was radiophysics - which is radiowaves.
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    I think I need a new smart phone ??

    You are so funny. Samsung has been ahead of Apple in terms of hardware since several years. They are the largest semiconductor company in the world, and their resources for in-house design and manufacturing are incredible. Everything that Apple claims as a new development in their latest phone...
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    Do vibration dampeners really do anything?

    I have a sensitive elbow (or poor technique, or both). I experimented a fair amount with racquets and strings, as I string myself and can do it quicker and cheaper than if I had to use a tennis shop. I learned, through trial and error, that string bed which tends to resonate and create and...
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    Cam action pliers - where to buy??

    And still, does anyone REALLY use them? Like, pro stringers on the tour? When I heard about this tool for the first time, I did a little research and concluded that the procedure described in the video kindly shared by am1899 is an almost exotic, very rarely used workflow, with benefits offset...
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    Finally feeling healthy do I stay that way?

    A good reference to an article on how some greedy companies make money on poorly educated general public. It has little to do with aromatherapy or essential oils, though, and confirms my point. Professional aromatherapists do not do business with MLM companies, do not recommend them to their...
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    Teaching a 10 Year Old to Serve

    tennis tom, it is very common and standard for USTA basic teaching flow at the beginner level. Even Nick Bollettieri in his (fairly old) video on serve was saying that it is fine to serve like that in the beginning because it feels more natural, and at that level, the ability of getting ball...
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    Teaching a 10 Year Old to Serve

    Your kids are way ahead of the rest of the group, despite the fact that their serve does not work too well. It is much better to learn things the correct way than to unlearn bad habits! You need to look for good tutorial videos on how to correctly use pronation on the serve. Ian Westerman from...
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    Finally feeling healthy do I stay that way?

    EddieBrock, after my (then 12-year old) son developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before X-mas at the end of 2018, I signed up for a certification course of Aromatherapy (and completed it this month as a Level 2 Aromatherapist). Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils extracted from plants...
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    This make sense?

    Well, this makes sense to me, too. Racquet Tune (as well as ERT-300 tennis computer) uses the physical model of standing waves in a fixed-fixed string as the first approximation. If you would use two rigid clamps spaced at a distance L from each other and clamped a piece of string with density P...
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    This make sense?

    Can you please comment on how you determine the tension of the strung racquet? Is this measurement based on resonance frequency of the string bed? If this is what you use, one should not forget that the resonance is determined by a combination of strings and frame, as vibration comes from the...