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    How important is it to stick to one racket?

    well i dont see anything wrong with what hes doing. It all depends on what lever you are in the sport of tennis, if u compete i think you should stick to one frame like the pros but if u just play recreationaly and have nothing else to spend your money on...Carry on smartly :D
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    Augustan Calleri (SPOILER)

    calleri was extraordinary??? even my dad started to watch it(he doesnt normaly watch tennis)
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    ITF C'bean Circut

    Any one doing the ITF Caribbean circut? I plan on doind 1 or 2 countries myself
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    how many rackets do yall have

    I have 3 Babolat APDs.I Use Both 17g strings in my hybrid so i need al 3 lol
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    ITF Tournament in JC Ferrero tennis Academy in Spain!!!

    Yo kirill ii dont think u remember e but u beat me in the 2nd round qualies in the ITF in Barbados!! See you have improved, lol I have too.are you playing it again this year?
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    Just got thinking about HYBRIDS!

    I use Enduro Pro 17 in the mains at 57lbs and Babolat Super Fine play as the caosses at 60lbs. In my APD of course:) The Enduro pro gves some nice spin and its really durable
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    Massu's APD

    lol verry funny i knew that:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
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    lol why would someone do that???
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    Massu's APD

    But in that pic dont you see the side looks red instead of blue? Could that be an aero pro control?
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    Massu's APD

    Its not the string jpb...Dont you see that rracket is bathed with lead? LOL
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    Most common first time stringing mistakes?

    I used to make lots of weaving mistakes but now i string in like 25 mins and i an a frequent string beaker so i get lots of practice
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    Does this hat look cool?

    I dont care wat you guys say i LOVE IT!!It looks really kool to me
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    LiveWire OR Pro Hurricane 4 MAINS???

    PRO Hurricane let me tell you..I was playing a match and my third Aero Pro's strings broke.So i borrowed my friend's and his had in the Hurricane and Conquest combination....I LOVED IT!!:D
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    Breaking Crosses

    Well.In hybrids yea the crosses are most likely to break cuz they are the softer string in the bed.but i once put a whole straight through the string 3 mains and 3 crosses broke! I thought my racket was broken.
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    anyone else like cheap synthgut best? I do, why?

    Well..In the past i have used the lux and and conquest hybrid but i tried some a cheap string cuz the lux waz rippin my pocket..So i bought some Gosen syngut and Polyon and...Poof!.There it was a good cheap hybrid, but i'm trying the Topspin Cyber Flash so get back the lux. feel. Cheap String Is...