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    heavy raquets (over 400 grs) (sampras ps 6.0)

    Hi guys lon g time since my last post over here... Anyone of you know the weight of the pros raquets??? are they around 360/370/380 GRAMS ???? Is there a pro using a raquet over 400 grams? I think sampras used to customize his PS 6.0 and the weight was close to the 400s.... Do...
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    double hips stroke

    Hi guys has anyone heard about that kind of stroke???? Its blocking your arm, take a very short backswing and the rest is done by the hips!! I mean its like twisting your hips forward,then backwards then forward again with the stroke and follow thru... Rythm is very good,it lets you...
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    rod lavers never handled the raquet with non dominant hand (right one)

    Hi guys i was watching the incredible ability that Rod Laver has;its not a coincidence why many consider him the GOAT... So i noticed that he never ever or very very few times he touched or handled the raquet with the other hand (in his case the right one) hes left handed.... Any other Pro...
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    what means "feel" for you and how important is it??

    hi guys Id like to know what is the term "feeling" in a raquet for you;how you describe it??? is it according to flexibility??? some people call it butter feeling?? Is it :flexy raquet (below 62 rdc) = feeling raquet?? And how important is for you to play with a raquet with "feel" as...
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    TW label leather grips

    Dear TW guys: Hi when are TW label Leather grips comingout?? i thought it was announced for this week.- BTW more or less when are these leather grips arriving to TW stock?? thanks andreas75
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    sysop: nadal spain Nike wristbands red/yellow

    Hi tw guys;2 days ago i saw the red/yellow double side Nike Nadal wristbands the one he uses in davis cup.- Right now its not on TW nikes stock anymore Seems that this item appears and then dissapears from Nikes stock on TW. Are you out of stock? If yes when will this item will be...
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    TW SYSOP:adidas oddysey zip top 1/4

    Hi guys It seems the adidas odyssey zip top 1/4 swaeter is not on sale anymore out of stock?? Do you still carry at least one or two?? You had it on dark navy and black. It is going to be replaced or definetely out of stock 4 ever?? thanks.- Andreas
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    lead at 12 oclock question

    Hi guys ; its known that lead tape at 12 oclock position adds dramatically SW and power also; so: Yesterday I added 2 stripes of 2.5 grms each (5 grms total) at 12 twuelve oclock to an Bbolat AeroPro drive plus + (non cortex) (the old grey one) to increase stability and enlarge sweetpot ; so...
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    Babolat vs Gamma vs TW label vs Wilson Leather grips

    Hi guys off course i know fairways are the best ones do doubt also the volkl is the heaviest and very good too but; Which is the best sold in TW:(pros and cons) of each one?? according to your experience?? 1)Gamma 2)Tw own brand 3)Babolat (gold letters) *(see Ps) 4)Wilson which...
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    SYSOP:Adidas jacket summer response group Navy or Black??

    black adidas jaquet Ok thanks a lot for you quick answer Ms tiffany. Something else;just in case i dont like the jaquet in navy; is there any black adidas jaquet in stock?? all plain black?? (doesnt matter the collection or specific line).- (excepting the 1/4 zip top from...
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    SYSOP:Adidas jacket summer response group Navy or Black?? Ms Tyffani Hi and is there a way to can see the real color??? maybe on some other navy item(with the picture well taken)???? To have a better look of the real color???' I d appreciate your help thanks andreas
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    volkl leather grips replacements on TW and (fairway)??

    Hi id like to know if TW carry volkl replacement leather grip?? And how good is the private label (generic) no brand leather replacement that comes in 2 sizes + 2 diferents thickness??? Has TW sold "fairway" leather replacement grips once ?? Thanks
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    Can't miss... who missed

    nicolas pereira from Venezuela also.... #1 ranked player itf junior and won the grand slam as a junior too in 1988...
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    How does Uncle Toni coach Rafa Nadal?

    true; uncle toni has less work cuz nadals game plan is quite simple(huge spin and angles) a very secure tennis instead of some other player using tactics.adding rafas fitness to achieve what i mentioned before.
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    Most addicting racket to hit with

    agree with backhand;the ps 6.0 is unique feel !!!!!! Ive got 2 st vincent with Luxilon alu power.try BB alu power with your ps 6.0s!!