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    2016 Davis Cup Final - Croatia vs. Argentina

    All I'm going to say is: I MISSED TALK TENNIS BIG TIME. And I'm so glad this happened. Argentina deserved a Davis Cup for so long. Del Potro showed tremendous heart and Delbonis played the match of his life. There's nothing else to say. I've waited more than 30 years for this: ARGENTINA 2016...
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    What are the biggest What-Ifs in ATP over the last decade?

    I think Nalbandian winning the USO 2003 could've changed completely his career, aspiration, and the landscape of the men's tour.
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    Give Andy Murray a knighthood...

    Davis Cup for UK, Olympíc Gold and a Wimbledon? He WILL be knighted. For sure. Doesn't matter when. He will
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    Players with the worst finals record

    I was about to point out Benneteau's 0-10 record, but someone beat me to it.
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    Record for highest ATP points?

    Djokovic is currently standing on 16,145 points. From 18 tournaments. IN-FREAKING-SANE.
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    your picture...

    I think I do look more like a normal person without my viking mane.
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    Let's Talk Some NBA 2014-15!

    LeBron averaged 36 ppg shooting 39% off the ground. Thirty nine per cent!! Got any idea how many shots do you need to shoot each night to score 40 while shooting less than 40%? 33 shots a game! That's Gilbert Arenas meets Monta Ellis territory If his percentage would've been closer to 47 or...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    The new Poltergeist. Meh. Some of it was fine, some of it was... meh. So, summing it up: meh.
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    Murray to win Wimbledon 2015

    I think Murray is, along with Djokovic, the biggest favourite to win Wimbledon this year. I would love to. I love multi-slam-winners seasons.
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    Should women play the best of four

    Best of 4? Dafuq? How would that even work?
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    Djokovic's 5 years at #1 more impressive than Federer?

    While I agree with most of your points, I'm struggling with this last sentence. Nadal wasn't anyone's PICK for #1. It wasn't a choice, like ITF's. Nadal won the ATP YE#1 because he ended up with the most points. It wasn't subjective, it wasn't random, it wasn't a choice. He wasn't picked. He...
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    Fluent in spanish, english and italian. Almost fluent on portuguese (or should it be advanced conversational? I don't know). Trying to learn greek and german. German feels almost english-like at times (specially since they both share protogermanic roots), but greek is getting really, really...
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    How old are you guys?

    30. Almost halfway of turning 31.
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    Federer: "We need a clown for this circus"

    Hehehehe. Fed is awesome.
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    Most technically perfect game of all time?

    I always felt Llodra and Verdasco were extremely solid, technique-wise. Lopez as well.