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    Hewitt vs Coria **SPOILER**

    I was at the match today and thought that Nalbandian played very well. He deserved his victory over Hewitt. Today proved how mentally tough Nalbandian really is. I think hewitt came out onto the court with alot of nerves - all due to being 2-1 down on matches , as well as his controversial...
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    Hewitt vs Coria **SPOILER**

    i was at the match!!!
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    Hewitt's new Clothing contract?

    i was at the Davis Cup today in sydney and also noticed that the nike swoosh was missing from his apparel. The word is that he is open to all offers - be that from nike, puma, reebok, adidas, fila etc. He is out to get as much money as possible.
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    DUNLOP 100G 90in head size

    you can still get these at 'top serve tennis'. the website is t o p s e r v e . c o m . a u (without the spaces)
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    Wilson PS 6.1 Classic 95" discontinued

    TW, can you verify this?
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    Wilson PS 6.1 Classic 95" discontinued

    thanks for your post. TW, can you verify this?
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    Wilson PS 6.1 Classic 95" discontinued

    I understand that the PS 6.1 Classic 95" is now discontinued by Wilson. I have noticed that your stock in 5/8" grips is "sold out". Do you plan to get any more of these in the future, or has your stock completely run out for good? Is this the same case for all other grip sizes?
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    I just demoed 22 playas racquets today and I finally decided which 1 is for me

    Top serve are great. Ron Kohn and his staff really know their stuff - they are the official stringers of the NASDAQ 100
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    Wilson ncode n6.1 95" 18x20 vs Wilson PS classic 6.1 95" 18x20

    I am a long time user of the Wilson ProStaff 6.1 95" tour version (18x20). I am no longer to obtain such frames in new condition. I was wondering how the Wilson ncode n6.1 95" 18x20 compares. The specs seem the same in most respects, but i was wondering how this updated version plays in...
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    Where can u buy demos?

    Tennis Warehouse has a great supply of demos being sold all the time under the 'liquidation' section. I was a bit cautious of buying online internationally at first as I live in Australia, so i didnt want to use a credit card. I used a money order instead to pay for stuff from TW. TW are...
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    Who works as a stringer?

    I know Tom martinez does
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    New Players Sticks

    Make sure you buy your new frame through TW. Prices of racquets are so expensive in Australia. I was looking at the Dunlop 200G - its been discounted from A$289 to A$199 which is still around US$150!! You can get it at TW for US$100 or US$70(brand new demo), which I think is a bargain. But this...
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    Wilson 6.1 Classic 95" with 6.0 SI!!!

    I recently came across a pair of old Wilson Prostaffs on **** that appear to be the the 6.1 classic 95". However instead of saying 6.1 as the Swing Index, it says 6.0 instead. Why would this be so? Did the earlier models have the 6.0 rating? To see the pics, type in **** item # 7160122026
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    Dunlop MW200g 90" vs Dunlop HM200g 90"

    Anyone here played with the : - Dunlop MW (Muscle Weave) 200G 90" - Dunlop HM (Hot Melt) 100G 90" Besides one being a MW and the other a HM, They seem to have the exact same specs: RDA 66 Length 685mm HeadSize 580cm2 ( Beam 19mm Frame Weight 320g Balance 310mm...