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    Tsitsipas racket smash, catches his dad on the arm...

    apostolos needs to go, like a leach feeding off his son. Driving him mad. His behaviour after the incident was pathetic, as was his wifeś berating stef in public,,, Mouratoglou needs to take over,
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    Is it possible for other players to emulate Nadal's style and approach towards Tennis with same success?

    If I d emulate Nadal I would be in a wheelchair within weeks. And crutches.
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    Tsitsipas road block: parents in the box, father as primary coach

    Relaxed I am, but name one player who won one slam, let alone multiple, with his dad as prime coach. That will be hard. Aside from that there are multiple reasons for me thinking he needs a fresh face and new prime coach, if he wants to break through and win many big ones. In part Tsitsi is...
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    Tsitsipas road block: parents in the box, father as primary coach

    A Vajda type coach would be perfect for Stef, but unfortunately he will not win multiple slams with his dad as coach. Even though Apostolos may/will stay his main advisor and "dad".
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    How can every umpire be the worst umpire?

    Nick berates the uneven playing field created by the ITF ATP WTA, on which he is right, after which he should realize that this method and strategy has been the case for thousands of years. changing that is impossible. Corporate power has given birth to the ATP, so nick, get the hell ouit of...
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    "I Am Glad To Witness, Your Greatness"

    The active aggressive version is much more in usage around here, I'm sure someone with your obvious bright mind and observational skills notices "such", as is the case here in post 13351156 by member 51892. If you don't respond to the content of the original post and instead just pull out some...
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    Fed out of Rome

    Osaka, Federer, the list is endless... If Tsitsipas is smart he will forfeit the semi, leave nadal in a vacuum with just Novak to haunt bull. Itś going down but for Tsitsipas. When will he bow to money and corporate interests? Fed's withdrawal is so odorous, all we need now is a final...
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    2019 Italian Open - WTA Thread

    Bertens through to the semis! - due to withdrawal symptoms from Osaka, falsely citing right wrist injury.
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    "I Am Glad To Witness, Your Greatness"

    Rafissante ridiculed Tsits for not knowing that a ball touching a small part of the line is "in", and some more 10-year-old stuff. Just watch the vid, Search for it, Kyrgios said the same thing recently, as you point out. But it's been seen and heard before, so settle the differences on the...
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    "I Am Glad To Witness, Your Greatness"

    Anyone knows who said this to whom? It was barely two days ago, too easy I know, but it resonated very well with me, both Speeches in Madrid after the final, lots of warmth, clarity, and genuine respect. Wawrinka btw has also said that Novak was a great inspiration for him, a number of years...
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    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    I don't know about the length of form curves, but Djokovic seems to be the only one who can tweak and time his form curves, going by last year's Wimbledon, Cinc, US Open, and Melbourne. No other player on the tour seems to have that ability. Comparable to Ronnie O'Sullivan in Snooker. But...
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    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    And another thing: Thiem has just won his biggest title on Hard, making him a main contender for the title in Paris is a tad far-fetched. Thiem is just one of the leading outsiders after the big three.
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    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    Yeah, predictive value of Madrid can only exist in the heads of stat nuts. Prepostrous to even contemplate Madrid as indicative except for form shown during that week.
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    Marko Djokovic as a coach.

    Federer played without a "box" coach for a number of years, Marko is mainly a hitting partner, and from love Djokovic has put him in the sun, in the box as coach, so that Vajda can have a week off here and there to spend time with his family. Vajda is the main coach. Marko taking over that job...