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    Schedule for Big 3 in 1/4 Final

    Agreed with above. Federer will be on CC as he's already been on C1 once, and he has the highest/biggest match (seed wise). Djokovic as world #1 and reigning champion has already been on C1 twice, whilst Nadal has only been on once. I can't imagine that its not Federer and Djokovic on CC, with...
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    Nadal Needs to Wild Card at Halle or Queens to Insure #2 Wimbledon Seeding

    Seeing as its 50/50 it’s entirely possible
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    Imagine Fedr win

    I’m considering going 66/33 split between Nadal 3-0 and 3-1. If it somehow goes to a fifth I’ll chuck some more on Nadal as odds will be nearish to evens then
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    Imagine Fedr win

    I was going to do this (and normally do). But the odds are atrocious (unsurprisingly). £14 profit from a £100 bet if nadal wins.
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    2019 French Open - ATP Thread

    Mahut from 2 sets down, now Herbert. Both knocking out top 16 seeds. Incredible stuff from the French pairing!
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    Federer is 15/1 odds, take that bet.

    Exactly. Not sure where 15/1 is from but he’s basically double every where i’ve checked
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    Federer News

    Nadal might have Thiem SF and Djokovic F. Seed 1 isn’t necessarily in the same half as Seed 4, and likewise for 2 with 3. It’s random.
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    2019 Rome QF: Djokovic vs del Potro

    Yes. He was 5-2 up and had set point for the double break/set.
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    ATP Finals 2018 RR3: (3) Alexander Zverev vs (8) John Isner

    I thought so first but because Zverev and Cilic will be tied on set percentages (and not Djokovic), it goes to h2h between Zverev and Cilic, and Zverev progresses. From "Comment 4: 3 players have 2 wins and the other player...
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    ATP Finals 2018 RR3: (3) Alexander Zverev vs (8) John Isner

    3 Sets for Zverev and Cilic is out too. Cilic's only hope is Isner wins in 3 (now) and he beats Djoko (in 2 or 3)
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    2018 Nitto ATP Finals

    If Nish beats Thiem tomorrow in 2 or 3 in the earlier session tomorrow, Fed has to win in 2 otherwise he’s out! If Fed wins in 2 though he’s 99% through
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    Jack Sock / Mike Bryan into the finals

    Was only the semi's today, Murray/Azarenka v Peya/Melichar in the final on Sunday!
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    Mercedes Cup Stuttgart R16 - Roger Federer(1) vs. Mischa Zverev

    No but will be seeded 1 at Wimbledon regardless