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    Andy Roddick vs Mardy Fish; Cincy SF

    actually this is a huge match for both players. if roddick wins he'll get his top 8 ranking back so that obviously makes his life a bit easier at the open and if fish wins he might get a top 16 seed cus he'll be ranked 18 and delpo prlly won't play and i'm not sure about tsonga's status either...
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    Can Federer beat Roddick at Wimbledon the way he's playing?

    who says he has to. people forget that federer played very close to his best and prlly served the best he ever has. if roddick can even play at the level he played at against nadal earlier this year, it will take a great performance by federer to beat him..and federer really hasn't shown that he...
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    JUST realized. This is now Nadal's Wimbledon to WIN like the French

    i'm pretty sure roddick beat nadal earlier this year on slower conditions in miami. so he's gotta have a decent chance this year if they play in the final. he'll prlly be relieved that he's not having to play fed for once. plus last time he won a major it was against the a spanish french open...
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    Roddick and Federer haven't played in a year

    Its amazing that Roddick and Federer haven't played in such a long time. Last year they played 3 times b4 their epic and ever since then they haven't had the chance to play each other, even when they were drawn in the same quarter at Indian Wells. Does anyone think they play this year at...
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    How to beat Roger Federer in a rally? (Nadal not allowed)

    u want to go to his backhand for a few shots and then get him hitting his forehand as he moves towards the right. he has a tendancy to jump a bit early when he wants to run around the backhand so u want to take advantage of that and make him hit his forehand moving to the right (but not on...
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    Could Roddick be like Agassi??

    thank you i was just about the same thing
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    Could Roddick be like Agassi??

    "This is just the infancy. He could be similar to [Andre] Agassi, with his best years at 28, 29." Stefanki said this after Roddick's win and I think we can say they were similar in the early parts of their careers with being tormented by the best player of the generation and having a serious...
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    just sayin but is there like a curse that comes from beating fed at places not named Roland Garros. cus since 05 the people who have beaten Fed have suffered problems going forward. Safin AO 05 : never came any where close to returning to that level of playing Nadal Wimby and AO: he's not...
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    Is Roddick #1 in the Atp race if he wins tomorrow??

    just asking cus atp doesn't use the atp race anymore
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    Better hardcourter: Nadal or Roddick?

    well i guess we'll find out on friday :)
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    Better hardcourter: Nadal or Roddick?

    alright people. just cus roddick can't beat federer and nadal can doesn't decide who's a better hardcourter. nadal's game naturally matches up well against federer. that's like saying that djokovic is a better hard courter than roddick cus he has more wins over federer on hard courts even though...
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    Better hardcourter: Nadal or Roddick?

    Hey how bout we let these two go at it at the semis this week. They haven't played in like 2 years now and Roddick's inability to beat Federer doesn't say anything about his hard court ability. Miami seems like a fair surface cus its maybe a bit faster than Indian Wells and doesn't take spin as...
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    Miami-Sony Ericsson Open-ATP1000

    does any1 have a link to the murray fish match??
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    Miami-Sony Ericsson Open-ATP1000

    i doubt he cares that much. we'll call him lucky when federer loses b4 roddick in a grand slam (preferably wimbledon)
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    Miami-Sony Ericsson Open-ATP1000

    he had a bad back looks like the draw just opened up very very nicely for Roddick, at least till the semis.