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    haha i didnt kno federer wore these...

    Federer has been wearing his old shoe's soles for a long time, ever since the vapor 4's came out. I posted a picture of this a looooong time ago. Regarding the Nike ID, Nike definitely allows you to customize many items, but I don't think tennis shoes are one of them, unfortunately. His...
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    stronger arms for tennis

    I see what you guys are saying, and it makes a lot of sense. I just thought that if I were a little bit stronger overall for tennis specific muscles, I'd be able to play with players who hit more aggressively and have heavier balls. I'm already working on some balance and speed training, but...
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    stronger arms for tennis

    Are there any specific exercises that you would recommend to strengthening the muscles I need to hit a harder forehand so that my racket doesn't torque, or be able to firmly hold my racket in place on volleys. I have been doing some minor exercises, but would appreciate advice if any of you had...
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    Vitamin water replacing regular water?

    At most I try to drink one vitamin water a day, usually drinking different flavors. Water always has, and most likely always will be, the best thing to drink if you are an athlete. Your muscles are made up of mostly water so it is important to drink clean, pure water. Eating nutrient rich...
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    need help with string choice

    i just got a question about what poly string to use next. I have just broken a set of cyberflash but it wasn't soft enough for me and didn't offer the spin/power combo i'd like. Was just wondering what you guys would suggest for me to use next: SPPP or just go with a poly/multi hybrid like...
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    3.0 player vs. Open player (actual pro)

    just don't try to force him to do things. its fine if he's a 3.0 going for the big boys, it'll be good experience, but don't CLASSIFY him as a 3.0, its almost like being prejudice. oh your a 3.0 so you stand no chance to a 4.5, but thats not always the case you know. Just give him a little...
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    Will there be a pure storm cortex?

    anyone have any knowledge on the new radical coming out? the one that mauresmo is using?
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    When will Isospeed Pro 17 string become available again at TW?

    craig, have you tried isospeed pro 17? i was thinking of buying that cause i heard the playability is insane, but it loses tension too fast and isn't that durable. can you confirm this? I'm using cyberflash right now, but i don't see the great fuss that everyone is making. I'm looking for...
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    forehand: using too much hand

    too much wrist motion to be more exact. I guess I just swing my wrist too much, which causes me to swing early sometimes and swing late sometimes. I'll try and see if i can get a vid over the next few days or weeks. p.s. ( i got finals coming up these next few days )
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    forehand: using too much hand

    Today i found out with the help of a coach that I use too much hand motion on my forehand, and that I should use more rotation, etc. but its really hard for me to do. Anyone got any tips/pics/vids to show me the correct, not too wristy, forehand?
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    I didn't like Cyberflash

    honestly, I was not that impressed with cyberflash either. Maybe it was the tension, or the full set up, but it just didn't work too well for me. I"m not saying its bad or anything, the price is unmatched for that kind of string, but it did not feel as comfortable as I hoped.
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    please comment on these hybrids

    can anyone comment on the following hybrids: 1) NXT duo 2) Sensation duo 3) iso-speed duo I'm looking for decent durability, and good comfort/spin. All of these are in my price range, but I just want to know which one would be the best for me. Thanks.
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    Which is Better-Tennis Camp or Private Lessons

    i think it'd be smart to take a few private lessons then go to camp. private lessons will get your technique smoothened out, then camps give you lots of good training and experience.
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    Tennis serves video - Critique Me :D

    i think you need a more consistent, slower, service motion. and a new camcorder :)