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    Federer-Nadal 2008: Best match ever

    Personally, I felt that the quality of this match was terrible. I wouldn't consider it even the best, other than the drama and expectation. A bit overhyped I think. One thing that I liked about Wimbledon were the passing shots. I felt this was taken away by the change of surface.
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    Time to rename Wimbledon surface

    I see it as a legitimate argument. Why not? Not too much a fan of the serve and volley game, but, I feel that a lot of awesome passing shots are really missing or awesome winners. It seems more too much like a grind than anything now; less about constructing points or doing anything too...
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    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    Dibs on dressing up as old players + tight white shorts (I know you want to see my sexy theighs) and having a wood frame party =D. It's hard to choose the best; everyone was hitting extremely well.
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    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    Haha, no worries dire you made up for it by hitting that one shot behind your back =0~ it was seckzy. Hopefully the pictures turn out awesome. And thanks for the bag =D Glad you had a blast Dora and find people to be nice/friendly!
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    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    Everyone was hitting big groundstrokes/heavy groundstrokes and solid volleys. Yeah everyone has pretty big serves except me :O my triple double fault and then second serve ace on my first game (that was bad) =p. However, I *think* I picked it up haha =s.
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    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    Much thanks to DireDesire for setting this up! It was insanely fun and it's nice to be able to meet everyone. Everyone was extremely good; haha, I'm jealous and my knee is officially bummed again :(!' Haha, there were some really good and close matches =s.
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    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    I will be there as well (if I get to Seattle by the time).
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    Who are the most TALENTED / UNTALENTED pros??

    Martina Hingis incredibly talented in the court IQ department.
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    Question about the extra string that came w/ the racquet I ordered.

    I ordered just recently a Wilson K90 Tour and went with a hybrid. I got a full set of Babolat VS 16 gut and had you guys just do the half set in... so I had the other half set in a bag. I was curious if you stretched the entire string (I'd like to know if my other half is stretched or not) or...
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    Fed or Tiger, who is the better athlete?

    Roger Federer is the better athlete--there's no question about it. He plays many tournaments and always comes in the top at them. He plays the majors and always goes deep into them. He still has many years ahead of him and he still has a lot to win.
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    Tennis Warehouse Awesome Service

    I just ordered a Wilson K Factor KSix-One Tour 90 Racquets with a custom hybrid via phone since they didn't have the string I wanted in the hybrid so I had to choose a different string. The service was excellent and very polite!
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    Nadal-Ferrer 4th round

    Nadal lost. Knew it would happen though =).
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    What wrong with Novak???

    Djokovic was hitting very well, it's more about Manaco staying really tough and not letting any ball pass him. A lot of those balls should have been winners or forced errors off of Manaco.
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    VIDEO: Better camera angle of my strokes

    Practice with someone who seriously hits and pushes you. This doesn't show much--anyone can hit great shots off of someone who isn't near their level.
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    Fabrice Santoro vs James Blake (official thread)

    Is anyone getting annoyed that they're chanting "USA USA etc." It's ********.