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    How bad is ***ushima?

    Found this, which is somewhat reassuring: NYTimes article from 2 days ago
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    Wow, NFL great Junior Seau dead?

    I agree that the lawsuit is bogus, but much of the knowledge we have about how dangerous the game is, particularly in brain trauma, has only come recently. I don't think the NFL ever tried to actively cover up the ramifications of concussions, but there was true ignorance throughout the league...
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    Wow, NFL great Junior Seau dead?

    I have to wonder if there's a certain personality type that does well in professional sports that also increases risk of depression. One of the things Marcellus Wiley (ex-teammate and friend of Seau) said earlier today is that Seau never wanted people to see him at anything less than his best...
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    Best TV for under $200?

    Insignia is about on par with Emerson. It's actually Best Buy's "store brand." My Insignia is a few years old and is generally okay, but every so often it'll freeze and have to be reset. I've also heard that some Philips TVs are hit-or-miss, although I haven't had a problem with the one I have.
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    godawful Chris Fowler

    I remember 5-6 years ago when he was just starting to cover tennis, he worked the morning matches for one of the hard court tournaments leading up to the US Open then would always show up in the stands for the afternoon matches. I have no doubt that he's pushed hard for more tennis coverage.
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    Do women not realise than ragging on doesn't help?

    Feminism is only about a woman being treated like a human being. Unfortunately, there are many (on both sides) who use it to further their own agendas, as is the case with nearly all "-ism"s. There's simply no other belief you have to hold to be a feminist.
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    Do women not realise than ragging on doesn't help?

    You attributed the destruction of culture to feminism, and feminism is the simple yet radical belief that a woman is a person. I was questioning that, is all. Personally, I believe a good couple stands next to each other, not one behind the other.
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    Do women not realise than ragging on doesn't help? does treating a woman like a human being destroy culture?
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    How long before Shot Spot calls faults instantly?

    They could have instituted automatic line calling with technology widely available before Shot Spot, and didn't. I think Shot Spot is more to appease contentious calls than it is to replace the linespeople.
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    Do women not realise than ragging on doesn't help?

    It depends on the circumstances. Was he laid off as a result of downsizing, or was he fired because he was incompetent? That's my point: You don't know the circumstances. You know a slight bit from one of the parties involved, yet you've made judgment calls on everyone involved. I'm...
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    Do women not realise than ragging on doesn't help?

    Do you not realise that maybe they have a better feel for their relationship than you do? She might have a very good reason for yelling at him like she does that has nothing to do with his job situation. And yes, I think people should support their significant others, but only within reason.
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    What book are you reading at the moment?

    "MegaTrends" - the original version. I love looking at what we thought the future would be like in the past, and the MegaTrends books fit nicely into that niche.
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    Recommendation for an Iphone alarm clock

    I don't have any real recommendations...I use one of the Bose Sounddock things, but that's not an actual alarm clock. But, as long as your wife's iPhone case has the dock connector cutout and isn't super-thick, it should work in just about any of the docks out there.
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    Library lost my library book AGAIN!

    Doesn't always work. The check-in clerk at my library only checks in about half my books when I return them, and my library doesn't offer receipts. I have to check a day or two later that all my books were actually checked in. OP: Try talking to the library and seeing if you can figure...
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    How can i add a picture behind my nick name?

    You need 50 posts before the option becomes available in your profile.