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    TW Fantasy Football 2016

    Didn't see this thread until now, but I'm still in. Hopefully I won't choke again.
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    DIII Tennis What To Expect

    I visited the arguably top D3 program, and I was told that they practice on court more/same as D1 teams and also off court workouts.
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    Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 ID

    The 9.5s are now available on Nike iD.
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    RF Olympic Shoes

    They're not. Same as these
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    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Actually, no Bothans will die ;) That was for the 2nd Death Star.
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    Limited Edition Vapors coming out next week?

    Kobe's last game in April 13. 200+ Nike athletes will be honoring him by wearing gold/black shoes.
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    Vapor 10

    100% Fake
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    TW at BNP Paribas Open

    They have a huge tent that you can't miss.
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    Nike UltraFly

    Saw your pair in IG. Nice!
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    CONFIRMED: Jack Sock signs with Nike

    He also just announced on his Twitter.
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    CONFIRMED: Jack Sock signs with Nike

    All good. UltraFlys look really good. Look forward to getting a pair.
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    CONFIRMED: Jack Sock signs with Nike

    Wow Babolast. I confirmed this an hour before you. I'm just messing with you haha.
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    Friendly advice for Jack Sock & Adidas

    Jack Sock to Nike.
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    Formula 1 - 2015 | Year of the Four Emperors?

    Excited for Austin. We got some paddock club passes from my uncle. Hopefully it'll be a good race, and I can't wait to see the cars from the pit lane.
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    I start my coaching career tomorrow

    I don't mean to be rude in any way, but don't fake being a "5.5-6.0" or a theoretical 12 or 13 UTR because you aren't even close. You wanted tips, so like someone said above, just be honest.