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    Best racquet to never win a grand slam?

    Well, well, ... the Head Edge was somewhat like the great grandfather of the Prestige.
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    I have 5 SV's which I think will last me another 60 years or so. Man ... I'd be too old to even lift 'em then ... I alternate my rackets a lot. Too many to not try to use 'em. The sad part is the stringing ...
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    Released in late 2005, the Redondo is going to be 14-years old. And we're still talking about it. Not a classic as in played by some big name, but rather a cult. I still use it too. Tried some crazy stringing: BigAce 17 mains @52 and Gamma WearGuard crosses @30. Plush and very good pop but...
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    Pros and Cons of Pro Kennex Redondo Mid

    I haven't stopped using the Redondo. It's there in my bag whenever I need it. I've always said that the Redondo's like a 9-mm. pistol. Easy to control, easy to use, quick to move around with. But it does not have enough stopping power of a .45. You have to be accurate with your shots to do some...
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    I'm starting a racquet company - how would you design your perfect racquet?

    s_andrean, have you played a Wilson ROK 93? If not, you should. String it low in the mid 40's and it's a wonderful-feeling racket. That's one racket you could base your feel-specs on. Also I'd suggest pallet system for the grip. And a wider butt cap, like PK's. May not be as big, but just a...
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    WILSON PETITION: Sign below if you want Pro Staff Tour 90 GROMMETS!!!!!!

    Grommets for PS90's and RF85's, please. Thank you. If possible, also for St. Vincent 85's. Even better, for PS95's, too.
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    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph is ... "GAY" ???

    I'm amused. Next code they could come up with, maybe, LES?
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    Anyone else here not really interested in new frames or all of this "must have" technology?

    Count me in. SV85, RF85, PS90, PS95, Volkl 10VE & C10, Redondo, iPrestige, and more ... those old school sticks ...
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    Oops ... I have no idea abut the stick. So sorry that I can't help.

    Oops ... I have no idea abut the stick. So sorry that I can't help.
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    You can't expect accuracy on PK sites. Ages ago when the Heritage 93 (silver) was discontinued, you still see them on PK sites. And, sadly in Thailand, PK is considered "a toy brand" by most.
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    Pro Staff 85 - stringing kevlar/poly hyrbid. thoughts?

    For my PS85: Tourna Quasi Gut 17 mains @50 and Tourna Big Hitter 17 crosses @48. Nice pop and good feel. Kevlar is more lasting, yes. But remember this: you arm ain't got spare parts.
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    Hi Max. The Redondo's not good for your elbow? I'm 52 and still have no problem. I'd love to get...

    Hi Max. The Redondo's not good for your elbow? I'm 52 and still have no problem. I'd love to get the stick but sending it all the way wouldn't be worth the cost. And right now I'm enjoying my stash of SV85's and RF85's, which should last me until I'm 70, I'd suppose.
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    Nope. No other Redondo Mid. So I'm storing mine away, letting it rest with all the battle scars. I still have two BlackAces 93's, which I pull one out to play with once in a while. Right now I'm "back" to the old days ... SV85 (5 of 'em) and the more modern RF85 (2 of 'em).
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    /* taking a peek at the thread */
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    Most aesthetically pleasing racquet?

    Head Graphite Arthur Ashe Competition Edge.