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    Adopted a Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 yesterday!

    This is one wonderful stick. I have one. Hits the ball a ton. Great control as always.
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    A YAMAHA YFG 50 Fiberglass Racquet

    Ahhhhh .... the sweet YFG50 .... I have it PERMANENTLY in my bag .... I normally use it at the start of a play to condition myself before switching to "modern sticks", and my partner who uses the Redondo loves the heavy shots coming out of the YFG50. If I am well hydrated and have good footwork...
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    Do you have a favourite looking classic frame?

    I, too, have a partial towards wood/graphite. Thus, the Prince Woodie, please ... In fact, I also really like the Volkl 10 VE Mid. It looks very modern and sporty. The colors and designs go very well with its physical shape. The Wilson ROK is also very pleasing. BTW, how about the Head LC?
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    Good Flex vs Bad Flex

    I dunno ... For me, EXCELLENT FLEX is Yamaha YFG-50 with syngut at 58 lbs.
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    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    The Type C and Redondo were from the same Heritage mold. Type C had Kevlar while Redondo was 100% graphite. The Type C is just solid, great hitting frame, if you can agree to the heft. It's not that heavy though, just a few points head-heavier than Redondo. It's like playing a softer, lighter...
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    ProKennex Appreciation Thread

    Pro Kennex? Never heard of this brand. Is it any good? //runnning for cover!!! LOL.
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    Top 5 Pro Kennex frames ever!

    PK Laver Heritage Type C Mid, the silver one. Period.
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    How I made my Super Redondo ...

    Well ... not a good sight ...
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    Has Anyone Modified a Lightweight Frame with Silicone in Handle & Lead to Get to Your Specs?

    I cannot give any idea on Q1, but as for Q2 ... Silicone is rather heavy. And I should think that's why manufacturers wouldn't want fill up the void with silicone. As for me, I used low-density rubber foam strip. I find a sheet with the 'right thickness' (not too thin, but thick and spongy...
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    Pro Kennex C1 Pro Tour 2020

    From the paint job, PK combined the colors of the Heritage Type C (silver), the Redondo (red), and the BlackAce (black). Does this stick "combine" the merits of the three sticks? That would be interesting. Heritage type C hits a ton, quite muted, but heavy and not as fast as the Redondo...
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    Pro Kennex C1 Pro Tour 2020

    Wow! ... This is interesting! The specs seem close to the Redondo, a tad stiffer, but no swingweight info. May have to ask my cousin in Japan to get this.
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    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    LOL .... beg, borrow, or steal! It's about 2 grams. You can use anything with that weight to try it out.
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    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    A tad, yes, but negligible. However, that spot is what I call the "magic spot". It's like you're changing the mass distribution and will make your swing more fluid. I'm an OHBH player and I just love 18x20. You can see that in my picture -- Redondo 93.
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    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    You know the rubber band piece that's on top of the grip? Move that down to about 1"- 1.5" from the top of the grip. Adjust around a little bit and things will work out for your OHBH on a 18x20.
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    How to make grip larger but not rounder?

    First thing first. How big you want to go up? It's certainly easy to go up one size and yet maintaining the edges with minimal weight increase, within 4 grams. You should let us know this first. Without this info, we can't go on. And things can go utterly complex or simple if you use your...