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  • Saw an earlier post of yours regarding multi m and poly x. I am currently playing Head Lynx 17 full bed in my Head Instinct MP. I have lately had some strange tingling in my elbow. I always string at 55lbs, but have now moves to 50lbs, which is somewhat better. I still have an older set of Wilson NXT Duramax 15L in my tennis bag. Will a 15L in the mains work with a 16L smooth poly in the crosses?
    Anubis, where area are you in Atlanta? I rate myself as a USTA 4.0. I only play LeagueTennis and Alta currently, so I don't have an official USTA rating. I can hold my own in the 'other' leagues 4.5s but I know they rate higher than USTA.
    Hi Anubis, could you send me an email with you very nice tennislog excel file :)?
    My Email is

    With the best regards,

    mxvb :)
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