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    Murray and Safin have essentially the same forehand!

    Safin's shot utilizes more optimal kinetic chain than Murray's. The primary (and significant) difference is how Safin achieves hip deceleration to transfer more power onto the torso to move straight towards the ball and in front. Murray's hip does not decelerate much and as a result looses...
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    Help needed

    I hope Seattle MEP was able to beat down this south American MEP - most exotic python.
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    How do you counter lefty slice from BH

    Look at this troll match - what would you do if the guy keeps slicing from his BH?
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    The best ever tennis tip?

    You could say that, but the guitar player is designed to complement, where as the tennis player is expected to compete which is the exact opposite.
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    The best ever tennis tip?

    A real tennis player plays with his head, not with his racket.
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    3.5 at best

    The question of taste could trigger extreme response. For some, I imagine "acquiring a taste for over a time" is the same as "becoming numb to pain". :sneaky: Two sides of the coin here - humor for some is lame for others.
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    Explain MEP to me please

    If it were up to me, I would decide the lineup based on polling results on the TT YT channel. The majority wins! I would vote for TT vs Ian, Puresense vs Ira (young coaches duel), Fed lite vs Mark for style over substance :), Scott vs Boss (age group), MEP vs Topher.
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    Which forehand Fed, Nadal or Del Po is best for the rec player to learn from?

    Here's a summary of geometrical differences between Fed and Delpo's forehand (based on standard warm-up shots). Both shots have the racket going up and to the left from the ready position to the power position, the next stage is achieving the max backswing point from the power position via the...
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    At rec level, winning in tennis is all about ...

    For two reasons - technique is contextual and based on need. It's similar to the analogy of the best mode of transport - depends on distance, geography and available technology. A repeatable method which allows a player to compete at certain level is solid for that level. Sure, it's not...
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    At rec level, winning in tennis is all about ...

    Is it possible that he says what he says because he believes in it? He could sell many things including advice on what to buy when someone comes down with a fever :). It might be good to give the benefit of doubt...
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    At rec level, winning in tennis is all about ...

    I like the opening here. It's great to start the discussion the way you get off the block - one two punch - and it's a winner!
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    At rec level, winning in tennis is all about ...

    MEP has solid technique imo (it may not be ATP forehand, but still great technique for different style of shots).
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    At rec level, winning in tennis is all about ...

    According to coach Nick Aracic, the #1 reason why players lose at rec level is because of technique.
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    The Official “Welcome Back Curious” Thread

    Hope he finds a coach and works with him to refine and polish his skills before returning ( skills needed for the effective use of tt ti forum)
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    Ok guys, I’m done here

    The place is great if the participant knows how to use it right.