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    Tsitsispas crying.

    God, you sound exactly like my dad. You're just missing the "I can't have a gay son" bit for you to be his long lost twin brother.
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    What happened to Sampras will happen to Federer

    If that helps you sleep at night ...
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    novak djokovic called trainer

    Don't be silly, Mainad is obviously his mom, Judy :cool:.
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    I think Federer’s decision to withdraw was...

    He's a time traveler obviously.
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    2021 Roland Garros - Men's Singles R4 - Daniil Medvedev (2) vs Cristian Garín (22)

    Dunno, he's yet to lose a set vs Sinner, so I think it's fine.
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    Which is the greater feat: Djokovic's Double Golden Masters or Nadal's Double Masters La Decima?

    Djokovic fans shouldn't be complaining about the clay field considering that the grass field is even worse than that, just saying.
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    Your Roland Garros 2021 Power Rankings

    I think what he meant to say was : "Where's Fluke?".
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    Djokovic has shown again...

    RG 2020 is your answer hun.
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    Djokovic vs Sonego 2021 rome semi Finals

    Rome is just preparation for Belgrade 2 ;).
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    The ttw parody thread.

    I already used the quote on another thread. And I ain't digging up Lew's history again for it.
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    The ttw parody thread.

    "Mods, stop this" - Lew II 2k21.
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    Zverev is the only one who can beat Nadal at Roland Garros

    Zverev can't even beat a top 10 player in Slams LOLOL.
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    Nadal vs Zverev 2021 Rome QF

    Did he ever leave them :p ?
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    Super unpopular opinion that could get me cancelled

    Tbh he indeed looks better with the blonde hair, dunno why are people hating on it.
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    Who's more accomplished on clay right now, Thiem or Zverev ?

    Read again hun, I'm only talking about their clay results here.