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    Laver Cup

    Is pretty boring watching Diego S vs Goffin in single, but DS and isner vs Goffin and Dimirov I'll watch
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    Laver Cup

    They need to have 2 double matches per day next year. Is fun to watch the top pros play double
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    Laver Cup: Top players VS Mugs

    The scoring system is a joke. 1 point for day one, so viewers have to turn into Sunday to determine a winner
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    2018 Davis Cup - General Discussion

    Coric just lost 3rd after being up 5-1
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    Serena Williams

    MJ Fernandez said Serena saved the day during the ceremony lmao
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    Nadal showed why he is a greater competitor than Fed.

    Besides Joker and Thiem , Nadal has no challenge in Roland Garros. It's the weakest grand slam out of the four.
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    US Open 2018 R3 Nadal vs Khachanov

    Anyone else watching this on espn? They just left the match for over 25 mins to promote Serena and Venus match tonight. Wtf
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    Kyrgios: "Grass is pure tennis, clay is not"

    Is not that one surface is better than the other. It's just that there's no competition on clay besides Nadal, joker, and Thiem. There's really no point watching the first few rounds cause the top clay court players never lose. On the other hand, on grass, there's federer, joker, Murray...
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    [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Andy Murray US Open FINAL

    What the hell ESPN, spending the first 15 mins talking about Bengals and Ravens, get to the U.S Open highlights already.
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    2012 US Open QF: [1] Roger FEDERER vs. [6] Tomas BERDYCH

    If there were a tennis god, Federer will be in every final.
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    Two Federers

    LOL, the fictional Federer you are describing is exactly what is happening to Walter White.
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    [1] Roger Federer vs B Phau

    Any topics involving Federer or Nadal is infested with trolls.
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    Poll: Which Top 10 ATP Player Do You Dislike Most

    Nadal is also a more successful baby than Federer.
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    Poll: Which Top 10 ATP Player Do You Dislike Most

    How do I get an avatar? Do I need to have over a hundred posts of something?