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    Now official: Djokovic joins Dimitrov and Coric.

    Never knew his father is such a disgrace to society Wow
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    Adria Tour 2020

    Oh dear Grigor has tested positive for Covid-19
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    Adria Tour 2020

    The level is very high for an exho
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    Adria Tour 2020

    Couldn’t find a thread Djok has basically invited all his favorite pigeons for a free lunch and a beat down in his back garden Bamos
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    Djokovic first male player to win...

    Also first player to have great hair in 3 different decades
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    The match in Africa : Roger Vs Rafa

    I was there last night - was surreal. I know it was an exho but they hit a few proper shots here and there. Rafa served a few 190km+ serves too. There was a passage of play when they hit a few slices BH to each other - was amazing to see the low bounce in real life. Stadium was buzzing - when...
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    2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

    Crowd has turned on Djok - this will energise him again and he’ll win in straights Chav crowd is chav