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    We'll NEVER see a player with prettier strokes than Federer's

    I think he is also really well proportioned. Like I loved Sampras, but he had a kind of hunched posture or something. So never was as pleasing to the eye. Definitely not a bad looking game at all but just a thought
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    Tsitsipas and Fognini few words exchanged

    Same here, it's all for our entertainment so who the fk cares.
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    Isospeed Grey Fire Official Thread.

    Just try it on its own I use Rpm blast in the mains. Lovely combo, feels crisp and soft with access to spin. Lasts a bit longer with the grey fire too
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    Has a player ever been beaten so bad you felt sorry?

    Always laugh when someone calls another a snowflake. 9/10 they're the one offended by every possible thing imaginable
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    Isospeed Grey Fire Official Thread.

    I've put rpm in the mains, or as jolly said black Knight. Also no poly plays well after 8 hours. This one is above average though
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    Losing matches while having match points, part of Federer "legacy" or not?

    I also think it's something to do with style of play. In general I think djok game just has less complexity and smaller risk. Possibly easier to execute under pressure? I agree with this analysis though
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    Naomi Osaka eyes tennis return 'soon' after feeling 'itch' to play again

    I wish all of the negative people here had as much disgust for corporations and the wealthy who don't pay tax. This is an individual sport, she can do whatever she wants. The money flows when she's winning. Some of you need a hell of a lot more therapy than Naomi
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    Baller on a budget.

    I just tried out alu again for the first time in a year or two. It's just so good. I don't want to explain everything but it just goes in. Simple as that. Such direct feel. Shame it dies quickly but the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long I've bought some 1.38mm gauge and...
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    Baller on a budget.

    Concept 1.33 served me ok. Good control and decent feel. Lasted ages too.
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    Stop the nonsense please - the only ATP player in the last 40 years who came closer than Djokovic in the CYGS chase was Djokovic himself

    If rafa and Roger had to face Medvedev in those attempts, how would it end? In all seriousness these debates are just hypothetical
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    new to polys which should i get

    Rpm is garbage for you. It's pretty comfortable for me and provides mostly what I need. It's also reasonably cheaper than lux. Just lasts 2/3 hours for me I agree though with the poly. I managed to ween a few people off poly as they really didn't need it. First by a hybrid with multi and then...
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    Do polyester strings only lose tension over time or do they also lose function?

    Combination of, tension, elasticity and the coating on the string wearing away
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    New theory: doing drills is pointless above 3.5

    I honestly believe 50-100 shots in practice is worth one match shot. Or something like that. Why you gotta work hard