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    What could the USTA do to increase participation...

    LOL yes, what people post on this board is gospel!

    What could the USTA do to increase participation...

    Glad that you know my local section (and players) better than I do. ;) If you aren't already working for the USTA you should apply. You can sit and watch all the players leave and play tennis elsewhere along with our section coordinator. Wait a minute, are you my section coordinator...

    ***Prince Stringers User Club***

    Add me to the 'Club'. Prince 5000 - home Went from Klippermate to this, and have never regretted it! Low volume stringer, as I only do 75-100 a year typically. Not aggressive about new business, but enjoy what comes my way.

    What could the USTA do to increase participation...

    2 key items are keeping league numbers low in my area. Sandbaggers and lack of captains: Captains are a key ingredient to drive participation. So doing more to assist the captains is one of the first keys. Captains should not pay league fees Captain 4 teams a year and get a year membership...

    JC & Tennis Machines

    I would like to add my name to this list! I have only had 1 experience with JC, as I was having an error on start up. He told me how to get into programming mode, the adjustment to make, the acceptable range and the very small range he found worked the best. I asked what part might be the...

    Entry level machine or go for Stringway (opinions needed)

    There is no easy answer to that. :) I am not familiar at all with the quality of Penta, but assuming its a decent brand, hands down the Penta. Ultimately it comes down to clamps, tensioning mechanism and mounting system (in that order for me). To me the fixed clamps are better on the...

    Entry level machine or go for Stringway (opinions needed)

    Stringway has a following on here, but for the $ I would go Penta. Heck for the difference you could come close to the Penta with a Wise. I see some shops have options with the Penta fitted with a Wise right out of the gate. Would not be a terrible option to start. Generalizing here since I...

    Machine advice

    I feel for you because $1000 is one of the worst budgets ever! lol. I say that because of the choices you have to make. IE if you could wait and go to 1500 you could get a Gamma Progression ELS (electronic fixed clamp table top model). Or you could end up paying 700 for a fixed clamp drop...

    Machine advice

    I started with the Klippermate a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) and it was a good machine for my experience level (IE very little experience). Doing that over again, I think I would be more where you are at with Fixed Clamps and racheting would be a must as well. What about the Gamma...

    Is there any way to apply accurate tension on the first 2 mains with only starting clamps & flying clamps on a no clamp stringing machines?

    Yulitle has a video online: Yulitle Irvin also has a video: Irvin Starting pin from Klippermate also worked well but think starting clamp methods are better.

    Tommy Robredo with a Wilson - US Open 2018

    They are both predominately black, but the biggest difference if the Blades have the green accent color on the sides of the hoop and the Ultra Tours have blue accent color.

    Stringing @ Del Ray

    Thanks for the replies! :)

    Stringing @ Del Ray

    I will be attending the ATP tournament at Del Ray during the day session on Friday. Never been before and looking forward to it. Does anyone know where the stringing room is at Del Ray? Wondered if anyone on here strings at that tourney? @drakulie maybe?

    Sergetti Stringing - WOW!

    I used @Irvin spreadsheet (thanks @diredesire for hosting it) for the first time and have to say I liked the results. I restring about 1x a month and am not a string breaker. So for me strings are about initial comfort and then how they play in over the coarse of 4 weeks. Typically they feel...