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    great sampras 10min hall of fame interview

    Gosh, you can see how much it really means to the guy. His life is really all about tennis, 100% total dedication.
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    Sampras and the Era of Champions

    Thalassemia - shmalassemia. All these Sampras excuses. When Fed wins wimby 2008 ( if he does), Sampras will become just another one of them "greats", whereas Fed will be the best tennis player that ever lived.
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    People are so tought on Nadal: give him a break?

    People hate Nadal because he is all brute force, nothing graceful about the kid. But he is a true fighter, something that Federer is not. You could see Fed folding his mental tent at that wimby final, whining about the calls and all. Wimp.
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    Year end #1 ranking-Federer or Nadal?

    Rafa is going to have his butt kicked again at USO, his game is not working there as well as at other slams. Fed is gonna be # 1 for a while now.
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    Geez Maria

    She is probably considering becoming a US citizen. Why the heck not, she grew up in US. She owes nothing to Russians. Russian cap Tarpishev knows it, too, so he has always been respectful to her, he knows they would be lucky to ever get her to play for them.
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    The Real Roddick

    Roddick is done winning. Linesmen helped him win US Open, but his luck has run out at Wimby, the only place where he has a shot anymore. Put a fork in him. He is done. Too bad, he can be really funny in his comments
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    Monte Carlo 2007 Final: Federer vs. Nadal

    It's nice to know that at least one guy can consistently beat Federer, albeit mostly on clay. Someone needs to keep him honest, keep him from getting full of hisself. Job well done by Rafa. He is money in the bank on clay.
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    Monte Carlo 2007 Final: Federer vs. Nadal

    Yeah, and Rafa's message to Fed is likely to be the same as usual: " Again, for the upteenth time, here is your butt handed to you on a clay platter ".
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    Serena vs Petrova 3rd round match-who wins?

    Its no easy task for Serena to lug that huge cabooze of hers around in Australian heat. Petrova in 3.
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    Marat Safin vs. Andy Roddick

    Roddick is going to take it, he has been feeling good about himself lately, and he has a good record against marat on hard. Marat has been up and down and all around last year, he is far from the top of his form. However...he is playing his favorite Grand Slam, and he doesn't like Roddick...
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    I am too... excited about the new year... 3 weeks away :)

    So Kite, how would you like it if Nadal wins the AO? Would you be more or less excited?
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    Masha vs. Lebron

    Screw Nike, I wanna see Lebron hustle stray tennis balls.
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    Stepanek,wihtout a doubt, is the ugliest man on tour. Yikes. Beauty truly must be residing in the eyes of the beholder.
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    Federer's grace: to all the non-belivers and jealous/envious lot:

    Calling Nadal a monkey boy diminishes Fed in and of itself. Rafa has been very gracious both in victory and defeat, and he is well respected for that; As great a human being Fed is, he is also a bit of a sissy, so we are lucky to have someone like Rafa to counterbalance that :)
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    Federer's backhand down the line improved?

    That backhand winner that he half volleyed off the baseline was the craziest half-volley ever. Blake couldn't even touch it. Anyone who plays tennis knows how hard it is to hit a winner like that after you just hit a serve.