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    Head 360+ radical MP grommets

    Thanks for the quick reply Brittany. New radicals do feel great hopefully they get CAP's at some point.
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    Head 360+ radical MP grommets

    Has there been any news on the 2021 radical's getting CAP grommets any time soon?
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    The Cult of PT57

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    Wilson Tennis Bringing Back the 6.1?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Under Ultra Paintjob??!?!?!

    It looks like a wilson pro open/ juice
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    Next Gen players racket specs!

    Khachanov is using an H22
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    Musters isospeed string ?

    The exact string is isospeed professional (classic), it is a 17 gauge multi still sold by TW. There is a newer updated version but the original string is still sold:
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Collection is complete. From left to right: Wilson H22 18x20 KBlade 98 paint, Tecnifibre 315 LTD 18x20 customized, Head Radical Tour TwinTube 630 CAP, Wilson Pro Staff Original 6.0 95 16x18 in Kfactor 6.1 95 paint, Head Prestige Classic 600.
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    Pospisil to H22

    Usually the same flexibility like 58ish RA.
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    The Cult of PT57

    how much for the 4 1/2 PM me
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    Mladenovic Racquet

    Coric went Yonex Tour 97 to Yonex DR 98 to Wilson H19 to the Wildon P25. I’m not sure in the name I just saw it on here a while ago and I’m using it to refer to this frame. What is clear is Mladenovic is using the same racquet as Coric, and that frame is a wilson pro stock that derives from some...
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    Mladenovic Racquet

    Its a P25 same frame as coric. Like a juice and steam hybrid racquet.
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    Tecnifibre 315 ltd pretty close IMO and I own two, just weigh it up
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    The Cult of PT57

    Stakhovsky is back to the PT57A
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    Tsitsipas' gear?

    Stock Blade. Under the paint is a BLX Amplifeel. Saw him play at the under-18s orange bowl in 2014, strings it up with 4G.