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    Where's Baghdatis?

    Marcos has been given a wild card by the Wimbledon organisers! Come on Marcos!
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    Prince Phantom

    Has anyone observed the difference in swingweight for this particular racket between tw (326) and prince (295)?
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    Where's Baghdatis?

    He said in an interview two months ago that he was working hard to be ready for his beloved grass. But he has not participated anywhere. Maybe, he struggles with injuries. In the interview, he also mentioned his desire to quit tennis after the olympics and concentrate on tennis academies in Cyprus.
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    Round poly 1.15mm recommendation?

    My pleasure! Well I cannot comment on Lyon since I have not played with it, but I can assure you that ghostwire is very soft, almost like a multi (don't worry strings aren't moving). Moreover, I tried the thickest version, so I guess the 18 or 19 g will be even softer...
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    Round poly 1.15mm recommendation?

    T1 ghostwire
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    Rafa uses 15L Babolat at 55 lbs.

    widely known
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    RF97A poly question

    May I suggest signum pro x-perience or tier one ghostwire? They are definitely on the soft side of the polys...
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    What else should I demo? All around racket

    Can you explain more on the details of the 315?
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    Richard Gasquet vs the big four

    I do not like the evolution of his forehand.It became loopy and spinny with less penetration.In his early days, the forehand was a weapon, now it is not.
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    Signum Pro X-perience 17L (1.18)

    I use the thickest version of x-perience and while it is not the most durable poly, I cannot call it sensitive...
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    Pro Kennex q+ tour Pro 315

    Any additional thoughts about this racket? It seems like a very decent frame but there is not adequate feedback, to get a clearer view...
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    Best 'feel' racquets?

    The ported phantom has a unique feel, unmatchable!
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    Favorite Twisted String-

    What about signum pro tornado and tier one strike force rip?
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    Volkl V-Square

    Is it similar to the white torque tour? I think it also has four edges..