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    Upgrading from Wilson Kobra Team FX

    If you just want a heavier version of your racket, the way to go is to add weight. For a start, put 6 grams in the 3's and 9's and see how it feels...
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    will Prince muck up it's racquets?

    Is the trend towards stiffening the rackets really increasing? Some recent offerings (Wilson clash and burn, head gravity, yonex vcore) point towards the other direction. As for Prince, why would they spoil the most successful line they have released the last years? Phantoms seem to be a great...
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    Signum pro overgrips

    ^^ Thank you. Indeed, I need thick grips (over 1,70 mm) because with thinner I develop trigger finger, like a bruise in my thumb...
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    Signum pro overgrips

    I have visited signum's website and noticed that they offer a great variety of overgrips. Has anyone of you ever tried them (I am mostly interested in magic grip and wet grip soft)? Also, is it possible to order directly from their site, since tw and other e-shops do not provide the full catalogue?
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    Prince Phantom

    There are many options for stringing ported rackets, so if someone is willing to search and learn, it isn't a big issue. It has been some years since I play exclusively with 16g for durability issues as well as enhancing the heaviness of the ball I strike. As for the string movement, I agree...
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    Prince Phantom

    What's your opinion on the o3 ports? Many do not like the vague feel or claim that it is a useless technology which, in addition, troubles the stringers. As for myself, I do not feel disconnected from the ball, I find the sweet spot expanded and I can definitely swing very fast through the air.
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    Fixing my volley

    So, according to you, the volley can be improved significally just by adding some weight on your racket? Technique is just a minor factor, it seems....?
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    Prince Phantom

    Glad that you have found your holy grail! It is really a beautiful and unique frame. Many have mentioned the low power, especially on serves, but that is not my case. Fellow phantom users and ports lovers, enjoy your tennis!
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    Babolat Pure Strike Stress Cracks In Throat

    I think that their material is not so dense as in other companies. But, maybe this is just my impression...
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    Tourna Megatac alternatives

    Has anyone tried the signum pro overgrips?
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    Should the Mains be tighter or Crosses?

    That is a huge difference which can be easier noticed. My point is that if you are given two rackets, one strung with let's say 50/50 tension and another with 50/48, you won't point with absolute certainty which one is which. Maybe you can really feel it, you have gained experience as you said...
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    Babolat Pure Strike Stress Cracks In Throat

    Do babolat rackets have the tendency to crack and break earlier than other companies?
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    Should the Mains be tighter or Crosses?

    So, if you guys play with the same racket, one time with even tension and another with looser crosses (-1,5 kgs as many suggest), would you be able to notice and distinguish with which racket you played? I highly doubt it...
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    Stringing an 18x20 frame

    You can also use the info provided from the klippermate site. The suggested measurements seem to be quite accurate.
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    String recommendation for Wilson Blade 98 V7 16x19

    Well, since you refer to control and spin, my mind automatically lands to poly strings. So, you need a soft co-poly, which, in addition shouldn't be strung high. In that category, I am familiar with signum pro x-perience and t1 ghostwire. Very arm friendly polys, with the first one being shaped...