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    Official Wilson Pro Staff 88 Club

    I'm back to using these again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 371 grams at 6.5 pts hl. Cyclone 19g at 40lbs.
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    Wawrinka's real racquet specs

    The static weight and balance are the same as my Pro Staff 88. I need to measure my swing weight. I'm curious.
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    Best Racket For Serve Returns??

    Wilson Pro Staff 88 (374 grams, 345 Swingweight, 7.5pts HL)
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    How good was the KPS 88?

    Dusted my PS88's off and with 19g strings it makes them more headlight and easier to far playing some great tennis even at 374 grams and 7.5pt HL balance.
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    Mats Wilander vs Stefan Edberg: Greatest Career?

    I grew up watching both these guys and liked them both. However, i'm only in awe of Edberg....................Edberg was special. Mats was a very good player but i never thought I was seeing anything exceptional. Matt's was kinda the light version of Borg. Heck, a similar player to Mats...
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    One handed backhand players, favorite/best rackets?

    RF97 for sure but I have to admit that my Pro Staff 88 is one of the best ever for a 1 hand backhand. My PS88's are almost the exact same specs as Wawrinka's 95D's and we all know what his best shot is......
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    Racket too heavy, technique wrong or just playing too good opposition?

    If you play better against your normal opponents with the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19, stick with that. The PS is by no means a heavy racquet for an adult, and it's very maneuverable. What has to happen against better players is that your footwork and preparation will have to improve. Better...
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    Paint chips on brand new racket

    send it back. it won't effect how the frame plays but it's always gonna bug you. and, you paid for a brand new frame. the only scratches on it should be from you.
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    Buyer Beware of the Black Velvet Paint on All Wilson Frames

    I'm assuming it was less than a year after purchase?
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    Buyer Beware of the Black Velvet Paint on All Wilson Frames

    Doubtful because the racquets will still play fine. They might look like crap tho. Depends if you get a bad paint job or not.
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    How many times did Fed shank a groundstroke in Wimbledon Final?

    Shanking has nothing to do with racquet size. It's the result of taking the ball on the rise. If you are slightly off you shank.
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    Stephens Changes Coaches Again

    Current younger generation of players have no fight. The have lots of money and fame and aren't willing to grind out any victories. If they can't beat you easily by playing bully baseline tennis they can't be bothered to put in the work. No creativity because they don't know how to play...
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    Buyer Beware of the Black Velvet Paint on All Wilson Frames

    Wilson warranty will only honor claims regarding the peeling off of the Black Velvet Paint on their frames for one year after purchase. It's only happened on 2 of the more than 10 frames i've purchased, which in my mind confirms it's a manufacturing defect, but Wilson refuses to acknowledge...
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    So every time I dust off my K90's i'm shocked at how easy it is to swing compared to my RF97. Am I getting that much more out of the RF to warrant the effort required against big hitters in extended rallies? The RF for sure helps in defensive situations and high backhands but there's no drop...