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    Would Tommy Haas won more matches had he used a slightly more powerful racquet?

    In big matches Haas unfortunately would lose his focus. He'd be great the entire match and when it was all on the line he'd be the first one to blink. The big 3 are the big 3 for a reason. It's mainly mental at those levels, not the gear. Also, Tommy was injured all the time. Talent-wise...
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    Surprising Mod

    Never heard of MgR/I, but like Anton once the frame swings right i'm done tweaking. Lol.
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    Surprising Mod

    That's higher up, but i'm assuming it did create the desired effect for you.
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    Surprising Mod

    Yeah, it's a place i've never placed lead in all my years of modding. I could have salvaged many frames that I got rid off. That location is one of the 3 axis points on a racquet I believe.
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    Surprising Mod

    So I modded all 4 of my RF97's to match spec wise.............adding lead to the buttcap to get the balance and static weights pretty much the same, but there was one frame that still felt cumbersome as if it had a much higher swing weight. I didn't measure the swing weight to compare, but...
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    FT/ (2) Head Pro Tour 630 Made in Austria, TK82 Pallet, 4 1/4 Grip Modern Buttcap

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Head Pro Tour 630 Made in Austria Trek Font Grip Size / Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 2 Head Size (if a racquet): 95 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Used for about 1 year, bought used *General...
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    The "I Used To Like You But The More You Opened Your Mouth The More I Disliked You" Poll

    Players that you used to like, but the more they opened their mouths you realized that you were no longer a fan.
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    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    Great news. The grommets for the new Wilson Ultra Pro 16X19 fit my 16X19 H19's. Different layup but the same mould. So I am ecstatic.
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    FS: Wilson Blade Pro 16/19 4 1/4 Grip (2 for sale)

    Still getting inquiries. These have actually been sold after all. Thanks.
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    Wilson H22 Users Club

    My BP was a 16X19 and way more open than my H19 16X19. I think it was pretty similar to my RF97 as well.
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    Wilson H22 Users Club

    Yah 19g, 40lbs in RF97 and all my frames. I modded my BP similarly, and so many other different ways but never could love it more than my RF97 or H19.
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    Wilson H22 Users Club

    I've found my much stiffer RF97 to be more comfortable than even my PT630's and all other lower RA frames i've tried. The mass of the RF97 just absorbs everything. A lot of softer frames have a flex in the head or throat which I've never been a fan of. That delay actually bothers my arm. The...
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    Wilson H22 Users Club

    I find the RF97 to be way way way more comfortable. Outside the sweetspot I find the Blade Pro to be harsh. I'm also not a fan of the flex in the throat. It's all subjective I guess.
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    FS/FT: 2x Head G360+ Gravity Pro #2 8.5/10

    Any interest in the Blade Pro 16X19 (H22)?
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    Wawrinka should retire

    Yeah, because when someone throws a match they decide to do so late in the 3rd set 2 hours later. Hilarious. The Stanimal broke his spirit and wore him down. He got beat.