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    Thiem using new Pj of Pure Strike 2019 at RG

    The Pure Strike is the perfect frame for his style of play. I hit with one last night just for fun, and it's all high rpms and rhs. Very stable for a sub 12oz frame, and not too stiff either. The ball really jumps off the strings when you hit the sweetspot. Nice controlled rage and so easy to...
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    What is the single most ugliest shot in tennis?

    Any two handed backhand. It's just not natural.
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    How did Bimblestob ever get so much power behind the scenes to begin with?

    This sounds like a description of Trump, lol. Anyway, you have to realise that in business, no matter the industry, the most successful guys at the very top of are the same ilk. They are bullies and they get the job done at all costs. Niceness is not a required trait.
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    Christian Garin a darkhorse at the French?

    He'll be gone before the quarters at the French. 2-3 set matches cannot compare to 3-5 set matches.
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    Gimelstob resigns

    I don't care what the situation is, or the backstory or the back ground, you don't maliciously attack someone. Any "friend" who stands by someone after this is part of the problem, an enabler. If my closest friend in the world did something like this, i'd be all over
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    Gimelstob resigns

    Isner is the worst kind of "good guy"...............................I may actually prefer dealing with least it's all in the open. There was a time when I mistook Isner's demeanor as him being a nice guy.................I was soooo wrong. So actually, he and Justin being...
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    Gimelstob resigns

    He jumped his former friend from behind while he was trick or treating with his pregnant wife and 2 year old daughter. Striking him 50 times !!!! Who does that? All because the guy was still friends with his ex-wife, who sued him years ago for abuse...
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    WTB: Babolat Pure Strike Gen 1 18x20 and/or Tour in 4 3/8

    I have a Pure Strike Tour in 4 3/8.
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    Babolat Pure Strike Tour Club

    I borrowed my old Pure Strike Tour from a friend I gifted it to years ago: what a sweet frame. My RF97 feels thinner and gives me more finesse and feels more like an extension of my arm, BUT the PST is just as stable if not more so and is great hitting the ball early with exceptional...
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    4.0 still full of pushers

    The best players aren't really concerned with labels, a win is a win is a win. The only thing that matters is the win. It drives me crazy that I can't get my opponents to play in the exact style that helps me win with little or no effort in every single match. What the bleep is wrong with...
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    RF97 vs RF97 (Federer setup) - @Peterfig vs @Geoff - The Showdown in Atlanta!

    My observations are: 1) That is not Peter and that is not Geoff 2) Federer does not really use the RF97 3) Peter had nothing to do with the design of the RF97 4) Geoff does not know BHBH and has never been to Atlanta
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    What's Wrong With Zverev?

    There's nothing wrong with him. You can't compare him to or expect him to be Fed, Nadal, Djoker.......................those guys are once in a generation talent....................And their biggest talent is between the ears and to be able to do it every single day for years. IMO Zverev doesn't...
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    Is it racket or racquet?

    Some would say it's quite a racket that all these racquet companies are able to continually convince you that you need a new racquet. Let's play how many times can you use racquet and racket in a single sentence.
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    Most overrated player in the Open Era

    Umm Federer has 1 French Open Title
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    Why do people use 93 instead of 100 ?

    Racquet choice is very personal. It is however possible that someone would have more control with a 130 frame vs a 93, based on the other specs of the frame and the skill level of the user. It's possible that if Agassi used a smaller frame he may have had less...