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    Intense USO so far!

    Excluding the big 3, yes that would be the best possible Final.
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    Intense USO so far!

    Slams like these make thirsty for some forum action!
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    Intense USO so far!

    And i like it! Nadal saving a child from a manic crowd, Djokovic going Liam Nesson on hecklers, Federer saying "I´ve heard this **** to often", Kyrgios starting early with his outbursts, Medvedev going all in on USO crowd Djokovics crazy draw, possible Kyrg Nadal match, A Djo-Fed rematch.. all...
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    Nick Kyrgios is saving tennis

    Exhibit C: AO 19 broke the attendance record, despite Kyrgios round 1 exit.
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    Amazing to think we should be at 21 or 22 slams for Federer and 14 for Djokovic

    If Djokovic did not get injured 2017, Federer can say goodbye to his 2 AO slams.. if..if if ififif Djokovic has never lost a semi or final ever in AO..
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    Djokovic News

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    Is tennis less popular than before?

    This, kids nowadays are at mercy of technology, their attention span is low.. 100% access to internet, youtube, games at any time. Back in your day, there was not much competing for your attention as it is today.
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    Is tennis less popular than before?

    First of all, all metrics for this decade has gone up and broken all previous records, in means of viewers/ratings/attendances/earnings. But sure, Tsitsipas winning Australian Open will surely rise tennis popularity... NOT! Stop with these generic crap posts, people love to see champs and...
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    Is tennis less popular than before?

    Australia the same? they just broke the attendance record in AO 19
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    Nishikori and his Laser Beam Backhand

    wtf, how could i have missed this match between Agassi and Djokovic
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    Nole post-Wimby 2019 prediction thread

    Toronto - F Cincy - W USO - W Tokyo - W Shanghai - F Paris - W WTF - W
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    Djokovic will finish with the most men's Grand Slam singles

    Lendl and Sampras possessed the greatest FH's the game has seen. McEnroe is the greatest volleyer of all. LOL Novak will be remembered as a President of Serbia who is THE greatest tennis players of ALL TIME.