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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    I don’t think it’s been announced. Matches count in ratings but they won’t run new ratings at the end of this year. At least that’s what we’ve been told.
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    Nike Turbo GP Information

    I know this is the current style, but these shoes come dangerously close to looking like “dad” shoes. Kinda clunky looking.
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    Zoom Vapors quality question

    No, but this last pair has a torn sole on my right shoe. First time I’ve had that issue. I usually wear down my shoes in that area, but this time, the sole actually tore a little and is separating from the Zoom cushion below. I’m just about done with this pair, so maybe that’s normal wear? Will...
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    Zoom Vapors quality question

    I have a bunch of new in the box Vapor 9s that are about 8-9 years old. I break out a new pair every 6 months or so. Haven’t had a problem yet.
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    Returning to tennis after quarantine - have your shoe preferences changed?

    I love the old Vapor 9s and still have a bunch I bought many years ago. But I started using the Vapor X Knit the last few months and I’m really loving it. I have to size up half size, but the sock design is super comfy and keeps my feet stable when I’m running. No slippage at all. Only problem...
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    An official announcement should come out at some point, but that is what I am hearing.
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    Sounded like a national vote, so I’m sure it would apply universally. Any section that actually had USTA run new ratings would be at a huge disadvantage next year.
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    Local coordinator says it's in the voting stage and looks very likely. I don't know any of the details, like will self rates become C rated, but they won't be updating year-end ratings this year.
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    Nationals next year will be fun. Ratings are frozen from this year so plenty of above range players in each rating group.
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    Social Distancing Doubles?

    Our local USTA said we could start our mixed dubs league on June 1 if all players wear n95 masks, wear gloves, and use 4 cans during the match. Also, each pair has to be from the same household. Everyone agreed overwhelmingly to wearing masks and gloves, and using 4 cans, but 95% of the players...
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    Social Distancing Doubles?

    For us, we aren’t shaking hands afterwards, maintaining distance during changeovers and when talking after the match, and not drinking/hanging out afterwards. There are no close quarters strategy talk during the match, but we are playing as usual. There is some small amount of risk, but all who...
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    Is your State (District)/Section continuing play or "other"

    We may do 1S/2D this year since we anticipate fewer players and there will be no sectionals/nationals. Not really excited about that.
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    Shorter shorts for men

    I use Birddogs. They have a short option for each size, and I’ve found their shorts to be great for tennis. Built in compression shorts, pockets for balls, and fall just right a few inches above the knees.
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    Our local USTA league is offering refunds even if the summer league is played. They will keep the $3 tennislink fee plus an additional $3. If you transfer to a later league, the local org is going to have to eat the new $3 tennislink fee unless USTA does the right thing and waives it.
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    What the etiquette after the match in your area now (COVID-19 handshakes)

    Racket bumps, and we are all using our own balls.