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    Kneissl Silver Arrow - Any information?

    Hi Hans, If it is any help, his tennis racket patents were all filed from Waldbröl, a town in the southern part of the Oberbergischer Kreis in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Specifically, "Selkirk Household Manufacturing 5220 Waldbroel De GmbH". Here is a link to the patents assigned to...
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    Players who were bad juniors that became good seniors?

    Agreed again. Your edits make the point even better. Perhaps the thread title should be "lowest ranked junior players who became a highly ranked seniors".
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    Players who were bad juniors that became good seniors?

    I agree. If you had a world junior ranking in the top 500 you were definitely not a "bad junior". If your junior ranking was good enough to get you into any of the top junior tournaments (in the modern system, grade A, 1 and 2) you were definitely not a "bad junior". In the U.S., if you were...
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    Noah's Le Coq racquet from 83

    images upload free Very plush with lots of plow through. Heavy by modern standards and as a result, difficult to get much racket head speed. Nice to serve flat and hard with and lots of fun for clay court grinding.
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    Widest and narrowest string patterns

    Why not just buy a paddleball racket. Your friend will thank you! ;)
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    Legalize Weed.

    Sangler is, again, correct! Back in the mid '70s I was an "assistant pro" at a club on Long Island. Somewhere around 1976, the inventor of the Weed racket came to the club and we all got to hit with his ridiculously oversized racket. The racket was so different from anything I'd ever seen...
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    Pirelli Technort Stratos

    I'll offer රු 95,000.00. :rolleyes:
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    Whats wrong with young generation?

    I think money has poisoned tennis competitiveness as well. According to the ATP prize money rankings, Prajnesh Gunneswaran, the number 100 ranked player in the world, who lost in the first round of the US Open, has earned $358,000.00 so far in 2019! With so much money available for even...
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    My Manufacturers List

    Victor Clement: Werner Fischer: Winsport:
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    My Manufacturers List

    Biosport: Birmal: Cober: Craven: Crown: Darsonval: Geostar: l] Hotspot: I. Kateb: Intertennis: Jeanrot: J. L. Kleinman: John Mott: Midland: Myrac: Ojoee: Pancho Segura: QM: R A Y C O: Samuel Fox:
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    Best wood/graphite racket?

    I found a NOS one several years ago. Never played with it but it sure is lovely to look at!
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    The patient application for the Dayton steel racket was filed in 1922 by W. A. Larned, a seven time U.S. Open champion at the turn of the 20th century. Because the rackets were very, very robust and the steel piano strings almost never broke, the Dayton rackets were very popular with town...
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    What is the most annoying tennis ritual?

    I voted something else: Maria Sharapova (and others) howling when they hit the ball.
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    Nadal is ahead of Federer in Slams adjusted by difficulty

    If we use a Fibonacci sequence of points, where every point played on a grass court which goes over 7 shots is the sum of the previous 2 points played on a clay court which goes over 16 shots, the ratio of each point in the Fibonacci sequence produces a mathematical value of Φ=1.6180339887…...