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    Alpharetta Tennis Warehouse location

    Thanks for the update
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    Alpharetta Tennis Warehouse location

    Have you expanded the hours to weekends yet?
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    When was the last time someone tried to underhand serve you?

    If my shoulder doesn't heal any better. All my serves will be underhand :(
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    Need Players for My West/North Cobb ALTA Team

    What level are you guys? We are A1 and have a few looking to go to AA.
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    What's the difference between 3.0 and 3.5?

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    Why are recreational players so prideful of their tennis?

    What rec tennis needs is gambling. Then you'd have to match up to try and get an even game. Weaker player could get 2 points per game. Start out at 30-Love. or Get 4 games in a race to 6 games. If the stronger player gives up enough weight, then they will have to play their best to win...
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    Should your doubles team outfits match?

    I don't match myself much less a partner. I just grab whatever tshirt, shorts, socks, hat, etc that happen to be at the top of the tennis drawer. All different colors and brands. Guess I don't care much about fashion on the court. Some of my friends have to have matching colors and brands...
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    Ft Myers Sept 6-8th

    Heading down in the morning. If anyone is up for a hit this holiday weekend, please post here.
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    Ft Myers Sept 6-8th

    I'll be in town visiting my parents. I would like to get some doubles work in. If anyone is available, please let me know. Joey
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    Any one here from Georgia?

    I play ALTA in Cartersville. The northern most point of ALTA. :D
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    Airing of USTA grievances.

    I got tired of USTA a few years ago. I only play ALTA now.
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    How long is reasonable on a change over?

    Usually I don't sit at all. There are times when I check my blood sugar on change overs to make sure it's not bottoming out. If it starts to drop then I have some pills to take. Normally, that takes about 3 minutes. I like to test in middle of each set just to be safe. I had an episode...
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    alta playoffs check in here.

    We are out. Tough day. Half my team is in Macon for 4.0 state, so we had guys playing higher than normal and line 3 had never played together before. Still a great day with great tennis. Good luck to those still going.
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    alta playoffs check in here.

    Good Luck to everyone in the morning.
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    alta playoffs check in here.

    I can't keep track of all the teams playing out of here now LOL