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    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Roddick, Wimbledon final, 2009

    Most definitely. Game changer moment.
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    Ti Radicals

    Plays great
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    Ti Radicals

    I made the switch last year. Always wanted one and saw a mint condition one of flea bay.
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    Ti Radicals

    I switch between these and the iradical OS. Great for doubles....both strung with 4G Soft@52lb.
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    Ti Radicals

    It's November 2021 and I'm still using my TI Radical OS
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    Similar racquets to Pure Drive but not as stiff?

    Head Extreme MP Microgel
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    Head Microgel Extreme/Extreme Pro Review

    I'm from the future and enjoying the MP
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    Daniil Medvedev will thwart Djokovic on Sunday

    I hope Medvedev wins to shut this crowd up.
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    I was wrong about Emma.

    This just popped up on YouTube
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    I was wrong about Emma.

    I didn't see her hit one slice during that match all topspin FH/BH. Incredible performance
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    Know this, Novak Djokovic fans

    lol.... Massive fail
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    HEAD Microgel Extreme (Midplus) ...

    i picked one up from Flea Bay for £15 and it plays really well...great doubles stick.
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    New Mardy Fish doc on Netflix

    An excellent player in his day...only saw him once and that was at Wimbledon against Federer (2003)