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    Know this, Novak Djokovic fans

    So be it. Isn't he the reigning Wimbledon and US Open? hmmm
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    What racket is Del Potro playing with?

    normally the top right of the racket!
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    Serena Williams

    I'm amazed she didn't whip out the race card? Just accept that you were getting thrashed. Ps. That US crowd are like the Ryder Cup crowd......cretins.
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    Benoit Paire

    tell that to Nadal
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    Benoit Paire

    Hardly the poster boy for Babolat the way he's going through so many rackets?
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    Where does Djokovic rank all time on grass?

    Great player and well worthy of his win on Sunday. A much better player than some mentioned on here. Shame the semi wasn't the final :(
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    How Many Matches Has Federer lost after holding match point(s)?

    Think a few other in form/younger players might have a say on that one.
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    Match point then he lost ?

    choking 1. (of a person or animal) have severe difficulty in breathing because of a constricted or obstructed throat or a lack of air. "Bernard Tomic choked on the pressure" synonyms: gag, retch, cough, struggle for air, fight for breath, gasp "Christopher gulped and started to choke"...
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    Is anyone going to watch the Wimbledon final now?

    It's a Grand Slam final of course your going to watch it. FFS
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    I stand by the swoosh

    Maybe Roger is human like all of us, and enjoys money....lots of money.
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    I stand by the swoosh

    Mark my words... LOL
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    Kyrgios is an embarrassment

    furthermore....when does Kyrgios plan to make a dent on a major? bit embarrassing isn't it.
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    Kyrgios is an embarrassment

    He's a cretin.
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    Kyrgios vs Nishikori

    Pathetic attempt from a very overrated player.