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  • If the bumper guard has been used/has been strung up already, then you will need to buy a new one in order to remove the existing bumper guard and replace it. This is because the grommet holes will have been bent by the string, which will make it pretty much impossible to put the same bumper guard back in.
    Mate, that's a power pad. Power pads aren't weights, they're small leather strips. These are supposed to put less wear on the mains while stringing and were particularly popular with wooden racquets, since they were used with natural gut and they had fairly sharp edges where the string holes were located.

    To make a power pad, take a old leather belt and cut small rectangular strips out of it. Finally place these strips between the two parts of the string and pull tension. E voila, you have your power pad. Whether it has much or any effect is highly debatable though.
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