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  • Hello Josh,

    I have a Star 5 that's in need of new brake pads. Are these available?

    Babolat Official
    Babolat Official
    Hi Rico,

    Unfortunately no, we're not able to get these any longer. Message me your email and I can send you some information on sourcing the material such that you can cut your own.

    Babolat Star 3 of my holding clamp support locking levers is not tightening to the point where it's comfortably snug. I've switched the allen screws to see if that would make difference...and it didn't. Any tips or info?
    Babolat Official
    Babolat Official
    Hi tbrowne,

    Sorry to hear about your machine. Unfortunately I do not have any tips or info for you. I was never trained on anything older than a Sensor which came out in 1999. You could try JC at Tennis Machines Inc (

    Hi Josh,

    I've reached out to you via DM about Pure Drive 2015 grommets. Hope you can help me.

    Rajan Rackets
    Rajan Rackets
    I actually think I can help you boss - do you have the old school - pre logo change style pure drive?
    Hi Josh. Thanks for your time. The serial numbers for the Pure Aeros RG are CM632605 and CM652032 . Cheers !
    Hi there,

    Will you guys be releasing a new line of Pure Strike Vs rackets anytime soon? I am still using the 2017 versions and they are hard to find these days. The 2017 is my favorite racket of all time from Babolat and I've used every type of Babolat before.
    Oh and apologies for the DM and not introducing myself. How incredibly rude. Greetings from London and hope you can help me with my query.
    Dear sir, i m quite happy with my Babolats. However the Babolat pure storm zylon that is my spare racquet and not used much by me nor by the first owner suddenly showed an enormous crack in the heart bridge after my serve training.
    This kind of damage should NEVER take place when normal playing tennis! Shocking.
    The racquet is strung 23kg mains + crosses a month ago.
    So what s Babolat solution?
    Hi! Have you tried both the PS 18x20 and the Pure Aero VS? If so how do you feel they compare in terms of Power, Control, touch/feel and spin? :)
    Can you help me understand why all 8 of the Bab racquets I've owned are short of 27 inches by 1/8 inch or so? This is as compared to a measuring tape, and back to back with Wilson, Head, Prince, and Yonex racquets hanging on my pro shops wall. Thanksl
    Babolat Official
    Babolat Official
    Where did you purchase your racquets? Also, which models are you comparing to from other brands?
    Good evening,
    My teenage son, who loves his pair of Pure Control Tours, just showed me one of his sticks that broke on a shank ground stroke. I made sure to confirm this with his coach. The racquets were purchased in February 2016. Is there a warranty on racquets? You can contact me at
    Chris Campbell
    My Star 5 gives me some error messages and I am unable to use it. Error is SL 289 ER 5
    For now I use my backup Star 5 but, would like to have this one fixed.
    I am not sure hot to send you PM so, had to post here. Hope to hear back from you.
    Dear Babolat Official:
    A friend of mine has a Babolat Sensor that is showing an error code SL 3231 ER: 5
    Do you happen to know what this code means and the protocol to fix it?
    If you can help I would be very grateful to you.
    Here is my E-mail:
    Thanks a lot!!!
    Greetings, sir. I was wondering if you would be able to get me the stringing pattern for the 2013 AeroPro Drive Junior 26. I went to the link on the website but could only find the pattern for the newest Pure Aero Junior 26 and not the previous iteration. Much appreciated!
    Hey Daniel! I am a current touring pro using babolat and I'm quite interested in socks racquet. I know he uses the 2011 aero storm but im curious what modifications he makes. What is his strung swingweight? And if he adds lead, where is it located? If you can answer any of these I'd greatly appreciate it thanks!
    Do you know if all the racquets have been sent out for theProject One 7 Playtest? I think I made the cut, but no UPS notification yet. Thanks man!
    Hi Mansoor
    Recently you helped me get a PCT demo from TW. I liked it, prefer the Pure Strike 16x19, but my teenaged son LOVED IT.
    He loved the weight and balance on serve. BIG flat serves and great action on the kicker. Sadly, TW has run out of the PCT. Are you aware of a way to demo straight from Babolat? He would like to have a month or so to use it at tournament and such. Thanks, Chris
    Hey Daniel, I've been on the TW boards for a while (over 10 years) and have participated in a number of playtest, even getting to try the Pure Strike when it first came out. I am in Hawaii, and recently, TW stopped including HI and other not continental US residents in its playtests. Do you know of any way that I can be considered for future Babolat playtests or rackets or strings? Any suggestions? Thanks.
    I purchased a 2013 PDR+ online and it does not have the specs written in the lower hoop of the frame and also does not have a Babolat barcode sticker on the throat. Other than that it looks identical to my other one and I was wondering if it maybe a prototype frame or pro-stock. It came with a Babolat leather grip stapled. The bare handle and inside the handle looks like my other Babolats. Thoughts?
    Hi Daniel, I'm Alessandro from Italy and I have just buy a babolat sensor dual used. I can also buy some babolat stringing tools, can you tell me where I can find, there is an official internet shop site for this products?
    Best regards
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