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    Nike Exclusives US Open 2015

    I bought a pair from a store in the UK, they came with "blacked out" swooshes. No outlines :(
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    Nike Air Courtballistec 1.3s, what do you think?

    I have a pair of the Wimbledon 1.3 shoes. Super comfy, the only thing is that they aren't as breathable as the 4.3's. Buy them!
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    Special Vapors for the WTF

    There is one listing for over $1500, why would anyone in their right mind pay that?
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    Special Vapors for the WTF

    I count 53 pairs on the Uk evilbay, its ridiculous that this can be allowed to happen. Genuine fans miss out because of scumbags
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    Special Vapors for the WTF

    order confirmed :) 20 minutes stuck in a online queue to purchase them, i thought it was going to go wrong.
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    60years+ players, how many rackets have you consumed?

    Nope, but in his mind he did.
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    The RF97 review from recreational players with lame one handed backhands

    Off topic alert!!! Off topic i know but.... It's not very often i see someone quoting my wedding song. Minus the RF bit of course.
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    Nike Winter 2014 *predictions*

    Its a looser fit than the sleeveless, fit is similar to the '13 clay season shirts. There is a slightly greener tint than the pic suggests, blame it on bad lighting and iPhone 5 camera.
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    Nike Winter 2014 *predictions*

    apologies for the large pic
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    Nike Winter 2014 *predictions*

    Order submitted for the Blue & Orange Nadal shirt. £36 + p&p, just waiting for dispatch confirmation.
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    Decide? Fake or original?

    Anyone object to my responses?
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    Decide? Fake or original?

    Its a legit racquet, ive been snapping up a few of the older apd models (original & 1st cortex) on fleabay and can spot a fake from a mile off. Millet S sell genuine stuff so there is no need to worry.
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    Adding fishing weights to handle

    Some peeps tie a piece of thread around the cotton they place in the handle and leave some length on the thread so it reaches the top of the handle. If you need to make a change just pull on the thread. I use a long pair of modelling tweezers or a thin awl with its tip bent at an angle. I...
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    Fit of Nike Advantage Premier Sleeveless

    Posted this in the Fall 2014 thread too