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    Federer Doha 2005 vs Djokovic Doha 2016

    So, he did nothing much. Precisely my point. I don't remember him struggling to string 4-5 shots in a row like that. He struggled against all top 30 players who played decent in 2015-2016. Think Djokovic 2017-early 2018.
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    Federer Doha 2005 vs Djokovic Doha 2016

    I'd also not seen Nadal make so many errors and unable to string 5-6 shots together like he did that match against Djokovic.
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    Most surprising rankings in the ATP Top 30?

    Still higher than Fedr.
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    Identifying trhe best players from each generation

    He was born in December 1989. That's more like early 90s than mid 80s. Nishikori, Raonic and Dimitrov are the Lost Boys of tennis in recent years. They had some talent between them but not one of them could win a Slam.
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    The King is not dead yet!

    *Nadal likes this* Rafa: For sure, one handed-backhand is fantastic for the sport, no? All young players playing one handed-backhand is good news for our beautiful sport. :p
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    Nadal will win Miami

    Phuck Sureshs!! Now I see why Nadal never won this thing. :mad::mad::mad:
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    Thiem can win FO and USO

    He will win a Thiem Slam (non calendar 5 slams in a row) soon.
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    Time for Nadal to cut HC events down

    But he won't. He is too stubborn to listen to his body. If he can only play the slams going forward, I don't see him hanging around too long. If his injuries prevent him from playing at least half of MS 1000s, I see him announcing his retirement. He still wants to compete so much. I hope he...
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    Thiem will beat Federer

    The big 3 have won enough, as some Federer fans like to say. #TeamThiem :p
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    Few tiny gripes about IW !!!

    Someone get the manager for OP.
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    9 Tennis Players make the ESPN World Fame 100 for 2019

    Nishikori $33m in endorsements. :eek:
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    D. Shapovalov has to work a lot more

    He should get a RF avatar.
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    D. Shapovalov has to work a lot more

    He should try to spend more time watching Eminem and others if he wants to be a decent rapper. He has the potential. I hope we see him performing on stage in coming months.
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    Watching Nadal live

    How was watching Kyle Edmund live like?