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    The Official Angell Users Club

    What's the general recommendation for someone coming from a PS85/90? I was thinking TC95 330/305/63 16x19?
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    When is the time to upgrade to a heavier racquet?

    You've probably heard it or read it before but you need to demo. If 300g still feels too light to you then go ahead and demo heavier sticks than that. If you feel that it is your racquet that is causing your arm problems then the right time to switch to a heavier racquet is sooner rather than...
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    Give 'Em Enough Rope . . .

    Step towards the middle near the T. If the next ball clears the netman going crosscourt, you step back over to cover the line.
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    sticking to one racquet model

    If you want to get more serious about your game then yes you should stick to 1 only. As to which one, that is entirely up to you.
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    Nat gut better value vs multis for string breakers?

    I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a string breaker, as in it takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks for me to break a string normally. But gut definitely lasts longer than the multi's I've used. From my experience, dollar for dollar, multi's will be cheaper if you string yourself. But that doesn't...
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    Iso-speed Professional Classic vs. Control Classic

    Correct. Same string different gauge.
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    Do You Really Need Poly?

    I handed my freshly strung k90 with 16g syn gut at #52 to a former 5.5 college player. He broke my strings within an hour of hitting with me. :(
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    Lead Placement: Odd Arrangement? or Pro Placement?

    Looks symmetrical to me. I've put lead on in a similar manner, but with much less lead.
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    Do You Really Need Poly?

    If you aren't able to break a syn gut within 5 hours of hitting, you don't hit hard enough to warrant the use of poly. This means most people should not be using poly, but they do anyways. This is my opinion anyway.
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    One refers to herself "I have an attacking style" when her game consists of hitting

    Yes, she plays an attacking style. Whether she is good at a particular stroke or not does not change the style that she is playing which is taking hard risky shots from the backcourt.
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    How do i get more power!?

    "groundstrokes are a tad slower than id like" Sounds like a problem of technique more than anything. Lowering tension will give you more depth but not increase speed. Same with switching string type. Adding weight to your racquet will likely slow your swingspeed down, which is opposite of what...
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    PS85 or BLX PS95?

    And you are somehow trying to tie that into getting your ass kicked because of using an 85 frame? As if magically you used a 100 instead of an 85 you would beat that same player? Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. If you get your ass kicked with the 85 you are going to get your ass kicked with...
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    Racquet reviews: just tell me how it feels

    This is why you should demo it yourself. Even if someone tells you how it feels, your perception will be different from theirs anyway.
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    I would love to know 4 things from you!

    I like a nice open string pattern. lol
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    I would love to know 4 things from you!