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    Playing tennis is the only time i'm not depressed

    Yes, these are depressing times for everyone. I has been a very bad year. Tennis is a great sport, but can't solve all our problems.
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    Are stiff rackets prone to causing shoulder AC joint injuries?

    If you have been playing since 8 years old and have smooth strokes, the racket would seem to be the culprit. I looked up the customer reviews and almost everyone complained of stiffness and arm pain. Obviously there are things you can do to try and mitigate the effects on your arm/shoulder. Many...
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    Return problem

    If someone new to tennis (or who does not play) watches a professional match, all the serves will look the same. Even though players try to "disguise" their intentions, experienced watchers will notice subtle differences (and some not so subtle)- how far back or forward the ball is tossed, the...
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    Return problem

    Well... That is the job of the opponent- to find things that you are weak at, things that frustrate you. Your job is to learn something from the experience. In general, if an opponent has found a weakness in your game, there may not be anything you can do at that moment. That's why it is a...
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    Best order to learn fundamentals

    This is correct. 1. The first step in tennis is to learn the basic strokes- you want to hit them, as much as possible, the same way every time. 2. In order to get set up to hit the ball correctly each time (as in step 1) you need to be able to get to it and get set up correctly- this is step 2-...
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    Alternative to double socks

    If $ is an issue, many cities have some sort of military "surplus" store. They usually have a variety of styles, with extra padding, to choose from. Some of them very good quality socks that last a long time.
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    How Not To Handle Not Being Invited

    Well... What does it reallly mean to be the #1 team in your 3.5 league? What does it mean to be the best 3.5 player in the country? Really, all this league play is just an opportunity for a bunch of middling players to get together and have some fun. All the to-do over snapping up "ringers" and...
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    Mental Gigants GOAT?

    Who knows what this really means, but I believe it is correct. From (at least) the time of Newton we have understood the nature of cause and effect- and the brain is subject to the same laws. It is a biologic, organ subject to chemical and electrical processes that follow physical laws- evolved...
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    Is hurting my toe running for a dropshot a sign of a shoe that doesn't fit properly?

    No, you don't want that for your toes. Try kicking/pushing your foot back into the heel as far and solidly as it will go- then lace up so your foot stays put without slipping forward. If this works, good. If not, use these shoes as casual wear.
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    Tennis "plateau" A level you reach and never improve.

    I don't know if anyone mentioned this (I just sort of jumped to the end), but this idea of a plateau reminds me, kinda, sorta, of the "Peter Princople), an idea that was popular in the 1970s. The tag line is that "people rise to the level of their incompetence". And, yes, we can see this in...
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    Beating the pusher!

    Well, I did not have the willpower to finish the entire video, But I think, maybe, the 50yom won, not so much for what he did, But, more so, for what he did not do. What he did not do is change his style of play, he did not loose confidence, play more cautiously or risk too many chances- things...
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    How to slide on hard court?

    Though, basically, I don't see much point to sliding on a hard court-here is one way to simplify the process. First, take an insanely expensive new pair of tennis shoes and slather the bottoms with bathroom tile caulk until they are nice and smooth and resemble bowling shoes. Let them "set" for...
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    Watching the Ball During Serve

    Somewhere, in another post, is a video of an instructor who can serve quite well with his eyes closed. I do not recommend that, but if you practice to the extent that you can do the same- Then you should have more success when actually paying attention to what you are doing.
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    Changed toothpaste brands was on sale!

    Had a neighbor, once, who worked for Nestle chocolate. He said if you buy the store brand chocolate morsels, you will be getting either Nestle or Ghirardelli because there are only so many companies out there that can meet the need. I'm sure the same principle goes for toothpaste or almost...
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    Yogi Berra quote

    90% of Yogi Berra quotes are 50% correct.