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    First tournament

    I was kidding. Don’t do it. REALLY!!!!!DON’T DO IT!!!!
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    First tournament

    Post a video for us to critique. We will have you down to 3.0 or lower where a 14-year-old playing for a month should be.
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    Why do we tend to frame shots when we accelerate hard?

    So at some point, while heading toward the ball, you have to “curb your acceleration?” That’s pretty, that’s prettyyyy, prettyyyyy, pretty tough to do.
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    Why do we tend to frame shots when we accelerate hard?

    Anyone else not buying what the guy in this video is selling?
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    Two type of second serve?

    I was typing “not on the second serve, they are trying to not give away a free point not goof around,” when your post appeared. I’ll leave now before I get involved in another, “drop shot 1st serves” type discussion.
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    Critique my technique

    Other than going from being a real tennis player that the ladies will respect to a cheater. Yeah, not much to lose. One-hander looks good to me. Keep the racquet head up a little longer. Not so long that it restricts your ability to get full reach on the backswing but wait long enough so there...
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    Should kids learn with old racquets

    Isn’t there an Equipment forum?
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    Could use some help with my serve (video included)

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    Why do we tend to frame shots when we accelerate hard?

    Interesting. It’s when I don’t try to drive it and pull off the ball thinking it will help keep it from going long that I frame it. Maybe in your attempt to hit it hard your muscles tighten. Recipe for disaster.
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    Could use some help with my serve (video included)

    If I see ISR or ESR one more time on this site I’m going to poop my pants.
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    Coaches - What would you suggest to improve my girl's serve?

    Criticism? A little recap. OP: My little baby is taking up tennis and can get 80% of her first serves in. Any suggestions for improvement? TT Posters: Your kid sucks! She should take up dance. OP and daughter jump in their Nissan Sentra. “Does this car compromise? No! Let’s head to the...
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    Interesting forehand...

    I see a bunch of girls with ATP forehands. I don’t know if people act like it’s not valid. If you are trying to hit typical ATP forehand, you don’t want it to get behind you. The whole point of the development of the ATP forehand is its compactness. Who wants to be making that giant arm circle...
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    Is there anything I can do inside my home over winter to improve my tennis?

    I do a lot of shadow swinging. Back in college, in the *******, when I first fell in love with the sport, I would drop feed a ball in the living room of my apartment and whack it into the open space between kitchen cabinets and counter. I think I listened for whether the neighbors sounded like...