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    Nadal has lost his legs.

    left out word. first line should read "any possible reason for quick decline..."
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    Nadal has lost his legs.

    Any possible for quick decline other than age? Why would he suddenly lose his legs over the last year or so? Anyone?
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    what is the next important tennis record after CYGS

    Matching Rod Laver's 2 CYGS's!
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    Will Serena Williams win a grand slam by winning all 4 grand slam titles this yearÉ

    Yes, but more a result of thin quality of WTA rather than ability of Serena
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    Got it. Thanks
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    Why is Kevin Anderson labeled RSA (Republic of South Africa)? It is my understanding he is now a United States Citizen. Varvara Lepchenko, a naturalized United States citizen is listed as USA? Anyone know or am I wrong that Anderson is a USC?
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    The PopSocks

    little shaky at the end. Had 3-4 match points on their racket and mishit. Glad to see them pull thru. Always good to see team that enjoys playing win rather than a dour business like team.
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    The Resurrection of Donald Young?

    Pretty sad state of U.S. tennis when DY is hope of entire country to make sure not shut out by 3rd round. I know Sam Querry still left. No U.S. male will make the 2nd week of a grand slam-again. I'm depressed.
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    Has Nadal proved he is the best of his era?

    Although I see Nadal as the best of the last 5 years, i do have several comments 1. Before I crown him GOAT he needs to win at least one grend slam (all 4 in one year). Laver's 2 Grand Slams will probably never be equalled 2. Much as I love his play, I am not sure Nadal's body will hold up...
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    Rank the slams in order of personal enjoyment/satisfaction

    1. Wimby-at one time 3 of 4 GS's on grass. W is the lone remainder 2. USO-night matches add a luster to the year end Grand Slam 3. AO-first GS of the year. While I freeze in U.S., I can watch players suffer in the heat of an Aussie summer 4. French-last but not least. Watch the grinder...
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    American tennis

    No American man made the 4th round of a GS tourney in 2013. Nuff said
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    Will Nadal win another slam

    Obviously the question is whether Nadal will win another slam other than the French Open. As a 7 time FO winner and 3 time defending Champ at FO, i'll go out on a limb and say he has another FO title in the tank. Given his playing style which is very hard on the body, I think the poster who...
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    Agent Sloane has locked the target: Threat neutralized

    At least she did not hide behind her injuries
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    Fed Roddick final

    Not gonna happen, but what a perfect way to exit the stage. I'd be pulling for AROD. For all the grief he has gotten (on this board) he die win one and has 4 additional finals appearances. It would be a nice finish-and guarantee highest TV ratings for USO ever.
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    Who will be the first to win one slam 8 times?

    Rafa with 2 qualifiers. 1. If his body holds up 2. If Donald Young doesn't beat him to it!!!!!!!!