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    Nalbandian was a BEAST when he beat the Big 3 in a row at Madrid 2007. Can anyone achieve this feat again?

    The crazy thing is he did at again against Federer and Nadal two weeks later, and in these five matches against Big 3 he lost only one set. I don't see this feat being done again. Especially that if it happens it won't be with the Big 3 occupying the top 3 positions of the ranking as it was...
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    Zverev joins exclusive list to achieve the holy trifecta.

    Nalbandian was one point away from going 3-0 against Nadal without dropping a set. But he choked 5 match points lol.
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    Zverev is the only one who can beat Nadal at Roland Garros

    Zverev, Tsitsipas, Thiem, Djokovic, Karatsev and Rublev can beat him. Maaaaaaaybe Sinner, if everything is going his way. None of them will, though. Next year maybe. If I have to pick a dark horse it's Shapovalov.
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    If Fed could choose three matches to replay...

    If he plays the Wimbledon 2019 final, there's a big chance he doesn't make it that close again. USO 2011 would be far better for him to replay, in any case. Not 2010 because he had a better chance of beating Nadal in the final in 2011 for sure. I think a match he had in the bag and lost that...
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    Hote take: tweener not an amusing shot to watch

    Safin was covering the net and Federer was hitting a ball that had passed him already, he wouldn't have possibly won the point.
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    Hote take: tweener not an amusing shot to watch

    The fact it fails 9 out 10 proves it's difficult, hence why it's a great shot. Nobody rates the failed tweeners, it's the good ones that are worshipped.
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    Weeks at no.1 are nowhere near close slams

    And 2016 was the 2nd worst ever, he would have won again easily. You act as if 2016 Nadal was 2008/2010/2012/2017 Claydal.
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    Weeks at no.1 are nowhere near close slams

    Yes, Djokovic didn't need that luxury because he beat him the previous year in straight sets.
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    Weeks at no.1 are nowhere near close slams

    And Djokovic managed to hold the 4 slams at the same time, looks like he didn't do too bad there.
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    Weeks at no.1 are nowhere near close slams

    Nobody cares about Borg weeks at #1 compared to Connors because the ranking back then was very different from what it is now and it was a joke. Connors got a lot of weeks at #1 than belonged to Borg and others that belonged to Vilas (1977). In fact, in 1977, Connors was the 3rd best player in...
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    Highest level of double handed backhand performance?

    The returns at 05:25 and 05:53 are a joke.
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    Is getting the record for most year end number ones a monumental achievement?

    It's a nice achievement, but the way the ranking works in tennis weeks at #1 is more important. In Formula 1, for instance, ending the year is what matters, in tennis, it's the same at any point of the year.
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    Prediction for Djokovic at the FO and Wimbledon

    QF at Roland Garros Wins one of USO and Wimbledon. Makes SF of the other.
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    Being #1 versus winning a slam

    I don't think you can say you're the top dog if you didn't win ONE slam out of four, of course, many one-slam wonders weren't top dogs either. To be the top dog you need BOTH.