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    Ambient temperature when stringing

    72.4° F No more, no less.
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    Whats the worst surface you have played on?

    Back in HS, I played on a court that used black fence as a net. A local HS had AT LEAST 6" elevation difference between net and baseline on either side of the court. Played at a ritzy club in Atlanta once, their clay was so uneven, washed out and dried up, it was like playing on actual dirt.
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    Should have replied with "$#!&%, I signed up for rugby. I'm outta here."
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    Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Tour and 9 Racquet Bag

    Could you send a pic of the bag to Thanks.
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    My Racquet History -- What's yours?

    Jumping in the Way Back Machine... Wilson Pro 100 (aluminum) in '88 Prince Volley PS 4.5 110 Profile 3.6 95 POG 110 PS 6.0 95 HPS 6.1 nCode 6.1 Then I started collecting and mixing up nCode 90, POG OS/Mid, PS 6.0 95, Head Tour XL, Fischer, Solinco Protocol 325, Youtek Speed Pro, Radical MP...
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    Prince vortex today strung one up!

    I have a couple that the wife used back in HS. I need to string one up. They have a very soft, shock-less feel to them.
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    Could We Please Talk About Practice Etiquette?

    Maybe you should see a urologist...
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    Our team was just left off states — tell me if this seems wrong

    Once the "head person" made the decision, you were done. No matter what whomever else you spoke to said. Really sucks for your team. I'd wager the 2 people you spoke with weren't in communication about your situation. The "head person" probably made the schedule not knowing y'all were...
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    Would you support, K factor 88 based on ps85 (6.0)?

    Ah, haven't hit with that one. Too new for my blood. nCode with 2 lbs over mid-tension multi is a strong contender. PS 6.0 95 is till the GOAT though. I was thinking about stringing up my nCode, but getting home at midnight tonight and match at 9:00am tomorrow is gonna be tough.
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    Would you support, K factor 88 based on ps85 (6.0)?

    What version? I tried the Hyper for a bit and didn't like it, but I think I had it strung up too tight, it felt really stiff (even more so that my HPS 6.1).
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    WTB: Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 - 4 1/2 or 5/8 only

    I have a 5/8, well used. I don't want to sell it, but I could be talked out of it. bcart1991 at aol dot com and I'll send you a couple pics.
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    Would you support, K factor 88 based on ps85 (6.0)?

    I play with an nCode 90 now and then and it's a dang scalpel. Yes, please bring something back. PS 85 PS 95 PS 90 Something...
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    Bad League Coordinators

    This thread sucks.
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    Big grips and high tension

    It's all genetics, really.