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    $50 and under sale - Players, Tweeners, Vintage

    Selling a bunch of frames, since my play time has dwindled the past few years. All prices include shipping, or Atlanta area local pickup and save a few dollars. PM or email bcart1991 at the aol for pics and more details. Item Description: Head YouTek Radical MP Grip Size / Size: L4...
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    Yonex RD-7 graphite mid plus – L4 4 1/2

    Kind of want. Trades?
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    Wanted: Prince graphite longbody L2 1/4 grip

    I have a Chang Longbody in L3 if anyone is still interested.
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    Anyone play with a black bear?

    Saw this on the FB. I need to get a few sets to try, color-coordinated, of course...
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    why such SMALL grips?

    Ask their wives.
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    Comparing Six.One to Pure Storms / Controls / Strike VS's

    My Pure Storm LTD (grey/orange) are noticeably more flexible than my 6.1s (HPS and nCode). I put a touch of lead on my PSL to give it just a little more head stability on volleys (I play a mostly doubles). The PSLs are a bit more "whippy" and the 6.1 does better on "blocking" or flatter shots...
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    Trying to save money by stringing

    I bought a Klippermate in 1998, still using it today. I paid $150 shipped. I average 35-45 minutes per job and I don't try to rush. Best bang for the buck stringer out there. They have good string deals too.
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    Got accused of head hunting

    Or refer him to a gynecologist.
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    The most comfortable racket you've played with?

    PS 6.0 95 Prince Vortex Fischer Air Carbon something-or-other that I picked up recently - not the flexiest thing, but damn it's comfy.
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    2019 is going to be my year!

    1. Figure out my UTR without requiring antibiotics 2. Play more than 6 matches, maybe even some singles 3. ??? 4. Profit!!!
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    She gave me that look....

    Call him the Unavolleyer...
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    Ambient temperature when stringing

    72.4° F No more, no less.
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    Whats the worst surface you have played on?

    Back in HS, I played on a court that used black fence as a net. A local HS had AT LEAST 6" elevation difference between net and baseline on either side of the court. Played at a ritzy club in Atlanta once, their clay was so uneven, washed out and dried up, it was like playing on actual dirt.
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    Should have replied with "$#!&%, I signed up for rugby. I'm outta here."