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    USopen 2012 Murray vs USopen 2019 Nadal

    Where's your poll ?
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    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    I'll sign that Petition and donate $100 :alien:
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    Stan's or Murray's career?

    Where's your poll ?
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    Are Novak fans nervous?

    We still might see them at this years Wimbledon and USO, you know.
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    A request.....

    You're not concerned because you have no bet on either of them. I felt the same last Wimbledon finals between fed-djok
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    A request.....

    It's not because of that. It's because of the number 21. His fans want it so badly. Which is fine but i don't think the Bull sees it any different. ****** looks it at it as another GS to be had
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    Tomorrow is NOT the final

    Zverev just beat Rafa a month ago as well. Their Rome match, although 2 sets only was also tight. I think Zed has chances against the Bull as well
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    What Version of Nadal is Best?

    2008 Nadal wins in straight set.
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    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    Why so ? What are they playing for the night match .
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    Djokovic corrects ignorant reporter

    Are you saying that Weakrule is a clown ?
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    Rafa fans: Chill and have some faith in your guy

    Hahaha, so true in so many "levels" . Good one, Papi :-D
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    Nadal is unplayable at the moment.

    Ok, Weakrule of the Djokovic Believers. Surely