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    Where is Michael Nadal!?

    What a bunch of crap that the happiest and least critical person on TTW gets a temp ban.
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Rafa has invested in a restaurant in Beverly Hills called Tatel. This ad was on a billboard I drove by today on the freeway.
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    Why was Federer incapable of beating Nadal at RG, unlike Djokovic?

    Fed played the FO 17 straight years and has played in 19 FO’s. Djokovic does not have greater longevity at RG than Fed.
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    Woolly Mammoth Resurrection

    No.... completely barbaric for the animal. China would simply swoop down and decimate the population, as they have African and Asian elephants. Poachers would sell their ivory to the heinous humans who buy it. There is no habitat available where the Wooly Mammoth could roam. Habitat encroachment...
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    Where is Michael Nadal!?

    Dammit, Michael, stop hiding. I promise to send you this wings shirt if you come back. Is Michael coming back?
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    Where is Michael Nadal!?

    I saw that Michael hadn't been posting for a few days and my private convos with him have disappeared here. Maybe there's a glitch on my end, but can someone tell me if Michael has left TTW? This cannot be! Michael, where are you!?
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    Medvedev about Big 3 egoism

    The article isn't available to people outside Europe. Quote a translation of his exact remark about Fed and Nadal "only caring about themselves." I'll bet anything he never said anything approaching that.
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    Who defeated the highest level Safin?

    How about Sampras, beating Marat in the 2001 USO, avenging his loss from the previous year? Or how about Federer, beating him in 2004 at both Dubai and the YEC?
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    What kind of player is Zverev really?

    He's not a servebot at all. First of all, his serve isn't that great because you're only as good as your second serve. And he has a great BH and decent FH. Servebots have neither. Servebots are the Opelka and Dr. Ivo's of the tennis world, hardly Zedrot.
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    You can change ONE match result from tennis history...

    1981 French Open final, Borg defeats 20 year old Lendl in five sets. Had Ivan won that match, he almost surely would have started winning slams 3 years earlier than he did. He would never have lost the 1982 and 1983 finals to old Connors and would have denied Mac several slams as well.
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    Mr Olympia 2021

    Give me this type of body any day.
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    Most efficient player of all time?

    Sampras by far. He just stepped to the line, bounced the ball once and hammered down aces. He kept points short on every surface except clay. Ended points in seconds. Ruthless efficiency. Never any toweling off, ball bouncing or time wasting.
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    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    What term... "Homie?" Are you kidding? That term is ubiquitous in California and probably where MN is as well about 2,000 miles from here. There's nothing racist about the word "homie." Is this a joke or something?
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    Slam final losses to non ATG players.

    I'll explain it in two succinct sentences. You neglected to mention that 5 of the losses Fed experienced against Djokovic in slam finals were when Fed was older than Novak is now. There's a 6 year difference between them.
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    What kind of player is Zverev really?

    He actually bothered to first see his daughter when she was 4 months old. He saw her that one time for 75 minutes. Definitely candidate for Father of the year.