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    35 year old Haas sets sight on WTF, Brings On Waske As Coach

    I really hope he can get inside the top 10, let alone the top 8.
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    Haas just can't quite sneak into the top 10

    He's been so close for so long now, I really hope he can get back into the top ten before his career ends.
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    Federer highest paid athlete with 71.5 million

    How could Federer be worth only 180 imllion? He doesn't pay any tax in Dubai and he earns 70 million a year? He probably earned even more up till his decline in 2012. I thought he'd be worth 500 million at least.
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    Federer has turned back the clock

    After having an injured back for 2 years he looks completely healthy. I expected this to be his last year and to see him exist in the first and second rounds of tournments. Even if it was 2004 Federer would still have lost to Nadal just as he did back then, but to beat Tsonga and Murray...
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    Why Fed will lose

    It's unlucky he has to face Nadal, even at his absolute peak in 2004 he lost to him on hardcourt. It's purely a match up issue. I am astounded at Federer's level, his back seems to really be painfree. He's rotating his torso into his shot like he used to and really whipping that forehand again...
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    Wimbledon and now the AO are fast again!

    Wimbledon has been fast these last two years, AO is back to 2007 speeds, is the tour being sped up to get the boring, unmarketable Djoker off the top and prolong money machine Federer's career?
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    Thankyou AO for speeding up the court

    From the bottom of my heart, thankyou.
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    What a joke his career has been when you look at what he can do when he's motivated.
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    Stosur is totally jacked!!!!!!11

    She really should wear sleeves.
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    Jamie Baker's break point: A tennis nomad exits the planet’s cruellest sport

    He admitted he had never trained hard before when he made his great run in the US Open. That's right, they are far more popular than tennis.
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    Jamie Baker's break point: A tennis nomad exits the planet’s cruellest sport

    He is complaining, he has admitted before he is incredibly lazy. What does the 185th ranked heavyweight boxer get? What does the 185th fastest 100m sprinter get? He's talked before about how his dad could pull strings and get him a cushy job in the city despite him having no practically no...
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    Are the courts actually getting slower?

    The USO was slowed down for Agassi in the mid 1990's. He still couldn't beat Sampras. From the late 90's to 2010 they were absolutely lightning fast. First for Sampras, then they were kept fast for old Agassi, then they were kept fast for Roddick. Only when Roddick stopped being a top player in...
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    US Open Champion only hit 27 winners over 4 sets

    They will always favour their own players first. They only slowed them down after Roddick and Blake were finished.
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    2 more slams and Rafa is officially better than Fed

    You might be right about Wimbledon, who knows? Nadal changed his game to win the USO when it was still lightning fast in 2010 so maybe he could have done the same at Wimbledon. He definitely has the athleticism to blanket the net and has a very similar serve to McEnroe's and Rafter's...