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    I think it's stupid that coaching during the match isn't allowed in professional tennis......

    I don't think I've seen anything particularly profound in the WTA coaching that's made it onto broadcasts. Amusingly I think I saw Ostapenko shushing her box between points at IW.
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    2021 WTA Indian Wells

    Rough day for Kudermetova/Rybakina. Funny how the ol' lob into the sun tactic works at the pro level too.
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    Tsitsipas and Fognini few words exchanged

    I wanted to like Tsitsipas as the 1HBH heir-apparent to Sampras and Fed but he's just not. I've ended up hate-watching him whenever his matches are on.
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    tsitsipas slice

    that's interesting ... looks like an eastern BH grip with the fingers close together, but rotated one bevel over? what grip does he hit volleys with, then? serves?
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    Will Dimitrov ever win a slam?

    never say never (see Wawrinka) but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    Winter Arctic Tennis Balls

    They bounce forever. Their limiting factor is how bald the felt gets before you get sick of them. edit: not saying I like them - they feel like rocks especially when the felt is gone and I had to drop string tension to compensate. However, I have 3 from last winter and they still bounce higher...
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    Winter Arctic Tennis Balls

    Wilson Triniti?
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    I hate Penn balls.

    The Penn Champs I've used this year from local retailers have been decent. On Friday though, one ball literally broke an hour into doubles play: While we're griping about balls, Wilson Trinitis are hard as rocks ... I keep a few old ones for warm up and they still bounce higher than brand new...
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    Pro's (Past and Present) That Have Swung a Wilson 6.1 [Includes major winners]

    Call me crazy but I thought I saw a familiar shape at a WTA match and did some googling. Could that be what I think it is?
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    Should I switch to 2hbh?

    Also this. I switched from 1H to 2HBH about 2 years ago and one of the biggest hurdles was the difference in the contact point. The 1H is slightly further in front and with the 2HBH I would instinctively hit the ball too early and far in front and dump them into the net.
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    Hubert Hurkacz: Improved Player Analysis

    Will take any excuse to post this tweener again, but I honestly became aware of him for the first time because of it.
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    Stop "An Injection Of Pace!"

    sounds painful
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    Ever played a League or Tournament match with different model racquets or against someone that switches throughout the match?

    racquet swaps happen in badminton but even if the rules of tennis allowed it I think there would be too much ground to cover to make a swap feasible (racquet on bench, not in holster)
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    The Pro Staff Classic 6.1 mutual appreciation club

    Current model? No. Grommets for the Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 through the 2012 BLX 6.1 95 will fit with a lot of massaging and elbow grease.
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    Wide shots outside net posts have to clear the net?

    yeah, that. seems more common that people reach over the net than deal with a ball that's bounced back over.