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    Most oppressive weather conditions you've ever played in?

    Back in high school I played a tourney match with temps in the low 30s/high 20s. Worst part was I had a first round bye and had to sit outside for 2 hours waiting. Match was super quick 6-0, 6-0 thankfully. The last couple games it was snowing decently but we played on.
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    Prince Textreme Tour O3 100 Looks like it won’t be coming to the US site anytime soon.
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    Prince items on TW Europe

    No problem, my wording wasn’t very clear. Thanks!
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    Prince items on TW Europe

    Specifically this frame: My question though was if the racquet or boomerang tool would be coming to the US site.
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    Talk about your most discouraging moments in tennis. How did you respond?

    I played varsity singles my sophomore through senior year of high school. Going into my senior year I was 1-1 in the state finals and had lost only 3 matches my whole high school career. After a grueling 3+ hour semi I only had a 30 minute break till I had to play in the finals. We were the last...
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    Prince items on TW Europe

    Will the boomerang stringing tool or o3 textreme racquets be coming to the main site anytime soon?
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    I’m confused but excited
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    Release date is May 20
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    Men's M1540V2 Running Shoe

    Running shoes lack lateral support. Unless you want to sprain an ankle I would not reccomend.
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    Nike Cage 3 Warranty Card

    Bought 2 pairs of Cages 3s within the last 4 months and both came with cards.
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    Pro's shoes slicker?

    Sliding just like your forehand or serve is all about technique. I don’t know when I started doing it but I can slide into or through any shot if I want to. It’s honestly a bad habit to get into though at least for me.
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    Bye bye Nike enough is enough.

    Huh I’ve been a nike guy for 10 years and haven’t run into any durability issues. This is across training, running, basketball, and tennis shoes.
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    Rafa Aeroreact tee's price

    Yes you’re the only one
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero (summer 18 release)

    The burnt orange colorway has to be one of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. What was Nike thinking?
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    Nike Air Zoom Zero official release

    Fingers crossed, the men’s colorway is ugly imo but the white womens shoes is cool. Too bad I wear a size 12.5 :(