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    Pickleball is spreading

    Just this week at one of our outdoor local public parks that had 12 tennis courts is now cut in half to 6 tennis courts. We had two rows of 6 courts previously. Now we have 1 row of 6 tennis courts and then the back row they re-paved and painted 16 brand new pickleball courts. Tennis players...
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    Worst Team Tennis Scandal Ever - Welcome to Tennessee

    thats a shame. ive had LLCs at State ID us after they called us to the scorer's tent to send us to the appropriate court to begin the match.
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    2019 All TT Team - 4.5 Men

    what are the All TT team members up to these days? Tennis good? Life good? Need some status updates.
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    The "31 May" line in the sand...

    National scope for Adult Leagues: *forgive any oversights regarding your Section* New England/Midwe$t: canceled Sectionals & Districts Eastern: canceled Sectionals Intermountain: canceled Sectionals Texas: canceled Sectionals PNW: canceled Sectionals MoValley: canceled Sectionals NorCal...
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    State and Sectional Survey email

    didnt hear of anyone locally receiving this survey email but it appears Southern Section has come to 'somewhat' a conclusion on post-season. On the southern.usta website there is updated language of continuing with a Sectional championship (have other sections decided/stated on their sectional...
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    USTA Automatic Appeal System Issue

    This is wild. From my observation - appeal rated players are having a hard time finding teams locally. The season is underway and teams have a roster cap max of 21 players. Due to the great southern bump, the top teams in leagues lost numerous players and generally the top teams usually keep a...
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    Why Can't Tennis Players Agree on Much of Anything?

    Off Topic but which GA user is running the TrollTennis Channel (613 subscribers) on Youtube? It mentions: " Want to show YOUR tennis match video on TennisTroll Channel? Please send an email to for details. It's free and easy. TennisTroll Channel will edit the...
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    Why Can't Tennis Players Agree on Much of Anything?

    Knew i was in for some high level tennis action when i broke down the footage at 00:01 and didnt see any bags on benches. Good stuff fellas!
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    USTA Automatic Appeal System Issue

    Due to this *bug* in the software appeal process i went from 4.5C to 3.5C. thanks for the information! I think they have it spot on.
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    Farewell to @nytennisaddict

    One of my fav forum posters. Glad he didnt disable his account. He is missed from the interwebs but guarding our country at the moment.
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    First time recording match play. Advice please

    You could've just played outdoors if you were wanting to play in an after-dusk environment.
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    Schmeke gets famous on Essential Tennis

    this is the content im here for
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    Schmeke gets famous on Essential Tennis

    nah fam. this is some lazy reporting by Ian. @ me Ian . dropped @schmke 's blog name but didnt actually drop his name or link his resources. GIVE THE MAN SOME RESPECKK !!
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    Only 1 singles for Nationals 40+ :(

    well i'll be dammed i have that list as well. Mixed still says TBD. Southern 2020 Sectionals Edit: Might as well post the link for the fine southern folk who find this thread.
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    Only 1 singles for Nationals 40+ :(

    I failed to mention in my original post that Southern USTA has also gone away with Mobile AL for 2020 Sectionals except for Combo. Nice to see Rome GA on the docket for once and other locations like Auburn AL. Played in Sectionals years back at Auburn University - great complex. Years of...