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    Was Federer's 2019 Wimbledon loss a traumatic event in your life?

    As a Fed fan since 01 no matter how close he got I expected him to lose. The 2010-2011 USO taught me MPs meant nothing against Novak unless he converted them. He was also playing from behind in set. Fed's record prior to that match in Slam Finals going 5 sets was 4-4 where all 4 matches he won...
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    Rank the best Wimbeldon runner ups since 2003.

    I just value 04 Fed ahead of his 09 version so coupled with even a slightly better Roddick in 09 that margin is much smaller. That's why 09 version is much more likely to win. And yeah I never just looked at the volley in the 2nd set, Roddick blew 6 straight points including several on his serve...
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    Rank the best Wimbeldon runner ups since 2003.

    Going with legacy and how actually close they were. 1. 2019 Federer 2. 2008 Federer 3. 2009 Roddick 4. 2014 Federer 5. 2007 Nadal 6. 2015 Federer 7. 2004 Roddick 8. 2016 Raonic 9. 2012 Murray 10. 2011 Nadal Worst would be Kevin Anderson.
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    Do women really generate equal revenue compared to men in terms of broadcasting and ticket sales?

    No and generally speaking they never will be. For the same reason the WNBA and Women's World Cup won't ever reach men's. The biological differences are what they are and the men can offer more physically as well as continue to hold power with wealth. LOL. In what country are these numbers...
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    2020 Cincinnati?

    It's in NY? lol.
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    I guess that settles the "Djokovic is the most intelligent of the Big 3" argument

    I like Novak but did anyone ever think he was smarter than Roger or Nadal? Like I guess with Nadal you might argue but I never saw it. Ya know with the whole Pepe thing.
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    Wawrinka vs Safin

    The question is greater and it's Wawrinka. He's cemented himself as the 4th clutch guy behind the Big 3. Murray is more an also-ran because of his many losses. Stanimal is one hell of a nickname in the tennis world now. Safin is a fanboy novelty that will only lose luster with time. The 2...
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    Definitive list for Federer records that will stand the test of time

    Lendl made 8 consecutive Finals at USO. The three most prolific are 23 consecutive slam semis, consecutive weeks at #1 & 24 consecutive finals won.
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    Now official: Djokovic joins Dimitrov and Coric.

    Until a big name athlete gets seriously ill I don't think most of the community will take it seriously. I'm looking at the long-term impacts which we don't know as of now. Like if within a few years half the young asymptomatic people have kidney failure or brain aneyrusms, etc.
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    Beatles or ABBA?

    I rarely listen to the Beatles and I gave their entire discography a listen. I can list to both ABBA greatest hits albums at work for 3 weeks straight without issue. It's preference. Although I much prefer rock to pop generally, ABBA utilized a nice mix. The Beatles are just aged to me. If I...
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    Most disappointing next-gen player

    1. Zverev 2. Coric 3. Rublev Who are these people? Shap is trying to develop a high risk game like Fed. Only 20 not 23 or 24.
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    Federer on his 2013-16, hopes tennis won't be played in empty stadiums

    Empty stadiums will just help E-Sports since that's one of the biggest differences between the two offerings. I told you people real sports weren't looking promising past the 2050s and maybe earlier than that. I think with the 2nd wave, tennis comes back with Wimbledon 2021.
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    Are we agreed or not that Murray is placed within Courier and Kuerten in some kind of "list"?

    In my personal opinion it's: 1. Murray 2. Courier 3. Wawrinka 4. Vilas 5. Kuerten 6. Kodes 7. Ashe In that 3-4 Slam group.
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    Rafa is pessimistic any more tennis will be played in 2020

    NFL & NBA are the NA leagues best primed for play this season due to viewership. Which will probably be higher than normal. It will affect 2021 salaries but they can manage. Tennis is screwed.