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    Federer's provisional 2021 schedule

    He's an idiot if playing clay at all. And I don't want to hear how close he came to winning 2019 Wimbledon, he still lost and so we can absolutely play the clay card against him that year. He had a great swan song. Zero reason, ZERO, nothing to be gained brand wise, negative on the physical side...
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    Most Overrated Slam Final of the 2010s?

    My pick would be 2015 French Open. It gets hyped for the obvious Stan theatrics but if you look back at that match, which I have done twice, it's only the 2nd set that's real high quality. The first is meh and I really felt Stan was in cruise mode halfway through the 3rd. Secondly I'd say 2017...
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    A-Rod vs David Nalbandian US Open 2003 SF

    That line call. Not even a match where the better player lost, but Roddick had ZERO business winning it. Nalbandian definitely should have held nerve but bad call is bad call. If Roddick loses this, does Nalbandian end up in the Hall instead of Andy? Or do they both get in? Roddick would have...
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    Hewitt To Be Inducted Into International Tennis Hall Of Fame

    The bolded are locks. Won a Slam, made at least 1 more Final, both with a Masters title. del Potro has some pluses over Cilic and vice versa so I can't say one's career is definitively better than the others. Cannot see a slam finalist alone getting in unless it's a complete anomaly with like...
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    Most Overrated Slam Final of the 2010s?

    Not even going to bother stringing together a poll. For the purists out there we're talking 2010-2019. There were 7 that went 5 sets, but I'm not going to say it's impossible to consider overrated 4 set finals.
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    Wimbledon 2008 the Holy Grail of Epic

    1/13 on BP REALLY brings the match down in my books outside of my Top 5. And yes, still thinking 2009 over it. In terms of drama 2019 would be higher too but quality just wasn't the same.
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    Does the heavyweight champion achieve the La Decima in Melbourne?

    I mean, Sampras and Lendl went from winning 4 and 3 in a row at younger ages to never again at Wimbledon/USO. 2017-2018 is ugly 2020 gave me pause 2019 & 2021 makes it seem inevitable
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    The Big3 and the Big3 Matches that changed EVERYTHING

    Who knows with the power of hindsight but today it's 2019 Wimbledon. I'll list yet again the reasons: 1. A record extending 9 Wimbledons, beating Novak in a final instead of 0-3 2. The 21st Slam yes but more than that Novak being on 17 right now, this was the match regardless of Slam count I...
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    It’s a really tough feat to 3-peat

    It's almost fitting if Novak Threepeats at Wimbledon as he's the only guy of the Big 3 not to have a Five or Fourpeat. But at least having Threepeats at two different Slams gives him that over Nadal. Nadal btw quietly going for a 2nd Fivepeat to tie Fed. If he does, he can go for a Sixpeat for...
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    Finals vs. Semis (Novak chasing Roger)

    Djokovic is 4 Slam finals away from surpassing Federer's mark and 8 Semis. I find this an interesting question despite him being half the number away in finals. Largely due to the fact Federer's focus next few Slam runs might produce a higher concentration of finals and draws largely impact if a...
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    Which big 3 member has benefitted the most from the next gen being unable to take over?

    Yeah but we just don't have the power of hindsight yet. And the past several years have seen numerous age related figures from the past largely obliterated pushing the thread farther down. The surface homogenization among other things is a factor why that is. But if going by the bolded and...
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    Johansson beat Roddick 2004 US Open - Roddick won 24 points more than Johansson

    It's a funny question for me because I routinely reserved my energy in the event of a 3 game deficit in a set I didn't need to win. I was in many ways better on return than serve so breaks didn't matter much to me, but in particular 1-4 deficits I'd plan for the next set. But you're not even...
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    Hypothetical Laver Cup in 1980s?

    The biggest problem with the Laver Cup to me is the talent pool just isn't there outside of Europe nor has it been since the late 00s. Even up to 2007 the talent level wouldn't have been so disparaging. Possible 2007 Teams Federer-Nadal-Djokovic-Davydenko-Ferrer-Gasquet...
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    Which big 3 member has benefitted the most from the next gen being unable to take over?

    Controversially I'm going with Nadal. Yes his French Open prowess is unmatched at any Slam BUT, it does get to a point where him winning a bonkersville 13 titles despite clearly lesser form than his heyday becomes a point of discussion. As bad as the Next Gen has been judged to be on grass, it's...
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    Murray vs. Hewitt

    I don't know if I ever voted Murray in this, but I think maybe I did. Anyway, not this time, going with Hewitt. Like look, the WTF in the Bo5 era is simply put superior to when Murray won it. So Hewitt winning those back to back for his back to back YE #1s is pretty huge. Both Hewitt Slam runs...