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    Is Wimbledon in trouble? Interest-wise, level wise.

    Grass Masters would fix a lot of these issues honestly. In the meantime if Novak wins 5 consecutive Wimbledons at least the 5 club will be a legacy continued for the event.
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    Bigger waste: Marcelo Rios or Guillermo Coria?

    The biggest thing to remember for Coria is Nadal would have pummeled him consistently. So whatever his potential, Nadal was going to be there. Rios on the other hand could have made quite a run but crapped out.
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    The AO organizers should really speed up the courts

    People saying it was the fastest Slam last year? But is that because it was or because standards have fallen?
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    What match/tournament was peak Safin?

    2000 USO was his best tournament and the Final his best match. Yup, he drank too much of the koolaid and was never quite as sublime. The 2005 AO run was a bit up and down just like 04 was, he just primed himself for that SF but Fed was pulling his chokejob being pushed after that 4th set like he...
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    Pete Sampras's 2008 autobiography "A Champion's Mind"

    It does say published January of 2008 which means it was at least out there for over a year before Fed broke his record and was 2 shy when it came out (winning USO to get within 1 nine months later). There's a sadness in that fact as obviously Pete needed some time before gathering himself to...
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    Courier Vs Roddick

    I mean, probably Courier overall? Roddick wins on grass easy though and USO is open to debate. So across the 4 Slams played twice who comes out on top? It could be Roddick 5-3.
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    Did Becker have the potential to be on par with Borg?

    It seems 1987 was a big turning point in his career. Obviously he doesn't beat Wilander nevermind Lendl at the French then but the Doohan loss at Wimbledon and Gilbert up 2-0 at USO although he might not win the title there either. But the disappointing results that year seemed to have bled into...
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    How was roddick able to serve as fast as he did when he was only 6 foot 2 and not even very lanky?

    Can't find the youtube vid but there was a great one explaining the motion of Roddick, the ones top broadcast are not as good in my opinion. Basically it came down to his knee bend, quick rotation and timing. Like the first response noted these aspects save for the shoulder stuff. I certainly...
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    No Repeat Champions Allowed

    I could see a tournament being held where you cannot defend it but you get the ranking points for 2 years instead of 1. Now THAT would be indeed wild.
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    ATP agrees to M1000 expansion

    I have to imagine they add a Masters which will probably be grass in Halle (for Germany) and what they seem to be implying is expanding all the draws to 96. They would of course have to change up the schedule quite significantly. For one you obviously need to extend grass by at least a week...
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    Medvevev USO 2021 vs Del Potro USO 2009

    Fed choked by Delpo stayed steady and 09 Fed>>>>21 Novak.
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    Nole fans, should he fight for 7th YE n1?

    Like Fed in 2017, Novak should take his chances as they come. Could potentially be his last opportunity if he plays so sparingly moving forward. Theoretically he can lock it up getting to SF of Paris and winning Vienna or winning Vienna and making WTF SF.
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    Would you be willing to lock it in at 20-20-20 at this very moment?

    No. Doesn't make sense for me. Fed made 3 Finals at 33-34 losing to only prime Novak and then won 3 Slams at 35-36 beating Cilic & Nadal. Then choked a Slam at near age 38. Nadal should win 1 more French and Novak 2-4 Slams.
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    Best Djokovic versus Federer hard court match?

    How exactly so? I've watched the match twice, once live and then replay without ads. I mean you're saying "really very low quality" and I just don't see it.
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    3 rules that would revolutionize pro tennis of the future

    1. Restrict racquet head size to 95sq, plenty of top guys have this size yes, but it would eliminate a lot of the tweeners and adjust the game accordingly. 2. Ban poly, cannot be said enough. 3. A 15 minute MTO to be used once, enough time to better help in cramping (as 4-5 min does next to...