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    Nadal toughest draw ever

    ”(Insert ANY player’s name) is highly dangerous opponent, no?”
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    If Wawrinka could take one thing from Federer what would it be?

    Correct, If we are talking strictly of this moment. Federer was good/very good returner tho, and I’m sure Stan would borrow Federer’s return from younger/peak years.
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    Is Kyrgios really super talented as some suggest ?

    Nail in the head. That also explains why it’s easier for him to play against big 3, because it’s ”ok” to lose to them so he can freely try his (somewhat) best and if he wins he’s a hero and if he doesn’t it’s like ”well that’s expected against Fed/Ned/Djoke”. Basically nothing for him to lose...
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    The Fedal Finger Wag.

    He did. I literally watched that match on the edge of couch, couldn’t sitt still. That semi tho:cry:
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    The Fedal Finger Wag.

    Vs Cilic 2016.
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    Watch out for Popyrin

    Big game. Cool head. Cool act. Hidden gem in the NextGen?
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    Which Youngster Had The Most Disappointing Performance Today?

    I think at some point years ago as a junior Tsitsipas had stated that grass is his favourite surface:unsure:
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    Which Youngster Had The Most Disappointing Performance Today?

    Tsitsipas and Osaka definitely.. Any of Zverev losses at GS hardly come as a surprise at this point to be honest.
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    Zverev: ‘It was kind of a typical Grand Slam match for me’

    At top, confidence is everything (see: Rafa 2015-2016 for example)
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    What’s happened to Nole’s 2nd serve?

    Watching him against Kohli, his 2nd serve lacks any spin, let alone pace. He’s had very solid 2nd serve (and serve in general) since Becker, but now it seems he’s taken some steps back. Disgust..
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    Your opinions that majority do not share vol. 2

    I’ve been wondering this Kyrgios’ act somewhat same way. He may be paid and/or he is paving himself publicity (read: money) with all that nonsense rather than letting his tennis do the talking. he may find that easier way to cash in than doing that only through success in tennis.
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    Biggest waste of talent?

    You bring up DelPo matches from 2018/2019 as if these represent the best out of him. He has basically played without backhand(except slice) since those wrist operations.