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    Anyone else think Nole & Nadal will never win another slam?

    It's not 1/128 if you're these guys...more like 1/3?
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    Well done Naomi

    ”Pressure is a privilege”. BJK
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    What are your thoughts on the Bouchard-Giorgi rivalry?

    Who cares...I just like the presentation!
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    A cute funny moment or an deliberate attempt to break your opponent's concentration?

    It’s Queens, who cares...have some fun with it. I remember Illie Nastasie ordering hot dogs while he was disputing a call and lining them up on the baseline to eat while waiting for the chair to overrule the call...the chair never did...
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    “Made Us Lost Twenty Years”: Gilles Simon Questions the Image of Roger Federer

    Perhaps he’s saying that coaches have only been training Federer’s style of play?
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    pictures of players looking at something/somebody unnaturally

    What’s so unnatural about Fedal? Could you look away!
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    Nadal owns last 4 years

    But his h2h against Fed is poor...see what I did can’t argue both ways!
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    Only 3 players in history have won more Slams off-clay than the "Clay-Courter" Rafael Nadal.

    Nads fans still have penis envy? Come on...your boy done well ;)
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    Raonic on the GOAT debate

    The look of a man who’s career was destroyed by the big three...:-D
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    Djokovic still leads Nadal and Federer in big titles

    Joker still lost...handle the truth!