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    Unreplied email?

    Got the email. Thanks
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    Unreplied email?

    Hello there. I sent you an email 2 days ago (May 4th) asking info about how I proceedo to buy a matched pair of the new Head Pro Tour 2.0. But I got no reply yet... Please make sure if you got my email and tell me something, ok? Fernando
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    Dead Strings (poly)

    Hey guys. Simple question: how long does it take for an unused string (strung) to go dead? BT
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    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Solid. This is an easy way to describe it IMO. I also have a couple of those Prince Phantom 93 18X20 (all the hype on it, you know...) but he Prestige MID is way more solid. And yes I´ve played extensively with the Prestige IG MID back in the day. Also excellent but I´d go with Graphene Touch...
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    NEW Prestige MP 360

    No. But maybe I´ll travel to Europe in September and I might buy a few. I live in Brazil and it´s way too pricey to ship from abroad...
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    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Will skip this new Prestige version. Still in love with my Graphene Touch MIDs. BT
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    NEW Prestige MP 360

    I seem to be a loner here but I like my Graphene Touch Prestiges MID way more than my former Prestiges (IG MID & MP, iPrestige MP). BT
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    Best current racquet for Eastern FH/flatter balls?

    I have both the Prince 93P (18) and the Head Prestige MID (Graphene Touch). I like both but the Head is more solid for sure and hits a heavier ball. BT
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    The Most Important Match Of Your Life: PT57A, H22, H19 or other

    Haha. Good question. The Zebra Rad I´d say...
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    The Most Important Match Of Your Life: PT57A, H22, H19 or other

    To win the match = Prince Phantom 93 To look nice in the picture = PT 57A BT
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    Best Prestige Mid

    Among all the old ones (roughly 90 sq inches) I take the IG Mid. But the Graphene Touch Prestige Mid (93 sq inches) does hit heavy with tons of control and is my choice (leaded @ 3&9). BT
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    What's your favorite sub $12 string?

    Can´t beat Genesis Pro advantage 660 reel for less than $ 33 on their website. Love this string! BT
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    Which Prestige MP from the lineup?

    I´ve played a lot with the IG MP and the i MP in the past. They are really great but the Graphene Touch MID is awesome!! BT
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    Whats the worst racquet you have bought recently?

    For me it is the Angell 97 18x20, 320g. I had high expectations about it but meh... No conection to the ball and therefore no control and confidence. I sold them (had 2) and went with Head Graphene Touch Prestige MID. This is heaven! BT
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    Head Graphene (Touch, XT, etc..) Prestige MID X Prince Textreme Tour 95

    Just for the records... I ended up going with this new MID and am enjoying a lot. Before this I played with the Bab PC 95, but I far prefer the new Head. It´s rock solid and the control is there. Maybe I´d prefer it with 18 mains... String with Genesis Pro Advantage 17 at 57. My initial option...